A few thousands kilometers away, on the other side of the frontier, Alec Shepherd was watching the television's screen crying.

His little boy walked to him and alarmed by the tears, reached out for his father.

"Daddy? What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing!" Alec replied, picking up the little boy and holding him against his heart. "This is the best day of my life!"

The TV was showing in loop a military helicopter heading toward the horizon, sometimes cut with images of two persons climbing aboard taken from a security camera.

"This is a first time in history," the host lady was declaiming. "The first two fugitives of The Border's identity are still unknown but active researches have been conducted to understand how someone working in the security of the Great Wall managed to escape the vigilance of his co-workers to help with the liberation. The administrators refuse, so far, to release a name."

A few kilometers away from the frontier, Anna and Maria were leaning against each-other in the jeep they had transferred to a few hours ago.

Michael Marshall was a fifty-six years old former officer in the army, friend of Kalter Scott and now former security manager of the Great Wall. It's in the name of his friendship for Kalter that he had accepted to help him, pulling the grill up in time before leaving on his own way to join them with the jeep when they abandoned the helicopter.

The helicopter's pilot, Stephen Larsson, was currently sleeping at the back of the vehicle.

Anna and Maria's father had explained them that as soon as the judgment had been taken, he helped the sister's grandmother, Alec and Anna's son to move out of the country to one that was opposing the system The Border had created. Only after that had he been able to plan the actual escape of his daughters.

Anna was eager to get back to her family. As happy as she was to have her father with her that moment, she needed to hug her husband and son the most.
Maria's state of mind was more absent. Her voice was still hoarse from screaming at the top of her lungs Seth's name once she got aboard the helicopter. Kalter and Anna had to hold her back before she tried to jump back into the river. Anna had calmed her hysteria by telling her Seth didn't want her to get caught again after scarifying himself so she could escape. But she had hope that this was not forever.

Hope was the only thing many Borderers had and the sisters were conscious part of this hope was holding on their shoulders now. Anna had handed the number to her father who had in turn asked Michael. The man had replied he did knew the name but that the address was probably incorrect as Jack Adams had been reported missing when the police tried to arrest him. Rumors are that he went in exile somewhere but Michael was thinking that he was most probably still searching for proofs in the country under a false identity.

But there was hope.

And the Scott sisters will not stop before they manage to fulfill even a fraction of it.