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This story contains MAJOR spoilers for "Inner Wolf Inner Warrior" so please read with caution and at your own risk. This story also contains adult themes and romance but nothing explicit.

Also, the character of How belongs to Alltheeagles, I'm just using him for my own purposes. Big thanks to her for loaning me the character! :D

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The Five times How was jealous of Brevan and the one time he wasn't

Comforters are smart.

That's the one thing people don't realize, they are so caught up in the cuteness and the attachment of their new pet, they don't think that a being that can speak simple sentences can understand complex ones.

How was smart for a Comforter, and learned how to play his human like a song. Serena was a princess and as such wanted to be treated like one at all times, so How learned to follow her orders without question. He knew when to send a calming vibration to her (mostly when the words politics or diplomats entered her vocabulary) and he knew when to lick her hand or say something cute, then he'd make her smile.

They had a routine that was pretty easy to follow, How kept her emotionally sane, and she, in turn, spoiled him rotten. He got the best foods, he was brushed and groomed daily, and he always slept in her hands at bedtime.

They were perfectly fit for one another until they changed.

It wasn't any fault of them, but scary men showed up at the castle.

Serena's father did a lot of yelling at her when these men attacked, and Serena was forced to leave him behind to go fight. Her emotions always fluctuated when her father yelled, and she always left before How could calm her down.

How was forced to sit by a window and watch the battle, keeping his large green eyes on Ina as she battled the scary men? They were called Barbarians, and they scared How. He squeaked and bounced in agony as Ina moved across the castle walls, knocking the scary men off. He knew how sharp swords and spears were, and he nearly rolled off the windowsill when Ina was almost nicked by one.

But Ina always returned and held him. She stroked him just right to calm him down, and he, in turn, calmed her down.

They had a perfect relationship until it changed.


It was one night, two nights after the last Barbarian attack when a rapping sound awoke How.

He blinked to clear his vision as he rose from Ina's hands wiggling in annoyance, people and comforters were trying to sleep!

The rapping noise wasn't coming from the door, but from the window where a man crouched on the windowsill.

How squealed in panic, vibrating in alarm as he felt Ina rise and walk to the window. When she opened the window and didn't shove the scary man off, How blanched white with fear, snuffling and hopping.

The man entered the room and he reached for Serena's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze as he spoke.

"I'm glad you let me meet you like this."

"INA!" How squealed as he launched himself off the bed like a furry sling stone, vibrating in alarm. The man couldn't touch Serena? How dare he even think of it?!

Serena caught him before he could claw the newcomer's chest to ribbons, shushing him gently. "How… How it's okay… this is Brevan, he's good, and you know that word doesn't you. He's good."

How knew what good meant, but he just couldn't conceive a man who snuck into bedrooms and touched his human as being good!

Still, Serena wanted him to behave, so he would, but the second this "Brevan" made one mistake How would claw his face off.

"Bri…van good" How mumbled.

Serina kissed How on the head and placed him on the bed, turning to Brevan.

They talked for a few hours while How listened to their conversation and sulked. Serena needed her sleep, shouldn't this man have left by now?

The funny thing was Serena's emotions, they were laced with nervousness and burned with embarrassment at times. Every positive emotion was accompanied by a pulse of giddiness, and her face, although hidden by darkness, was beet red after every sentence.

How didn't know much about how humans functioned, but Serena's emotions weren't normal. Which is why Brevan needed to leave, he was breaking her!

Thankfully Brevan left after squeezing Serena's hand again, and if he heard the low growl How emitted, he didn't show it as he left.

Then Serena picked him up and spun him around before getting back in bed. Her emotions caused him to glow pink as she fell asleep, while How plotted to keep Brevan away from Serena.



The next time Serena and Brevan came into contact, How made it his mission to keep them apart. They met in the castle again and talked for quite a long while, but every time his hand reached for hers How shoved himself between them.

He moved between like a predator on the hunt, keeping them away from all physical contact. The surprising thing was Ina's emotions were tinged with annoyance as she brushed How aside. Did she actually want to get into physical contact with this strange man?


How finally gave up and plopped down in the corner sulking and vibrating in a huff.

After another hour their conversation had descended into long stares as Serena's positive emotions reached their peak, causing how to turn bright pink, not that either of them noticed. Ina's eyes were quite interesting, but Brevan was staring into them deeply, too deeply to be normal.

Then he leaned forward, opening up his mouth slightly.

How shot upright. Was Brevan actually trying to eat her? The odd thing was, Serena showed no fear at all, in fact, she was leaning upwards, letting him wrap his arms around her waist.

How huffed in panic, unsure of what to do. Ina didn't seem to mind that his arms were holding her in place, obviously to prevent her from squirming when he swallowed her whole!

He gave a mighty leap and hurled himself between their mouths, fully prepared to sacrifice himself for his human.


Ina blushed and grabbed How, once again preventing him from attacking Brevan, and she placed him on the ground. "It's okay How."

How spun around, squeaking "Ina, Ina, Ina!" trying in vain to warn her of the danger she was in with his limited vocabulary.

She leaned upwards and pressed her lips to Brevan's as his arms tightened around her.

How yelped, before his panicked vibrations were soothed by Serena's happy emotions wrapping around him. Wasn't he eating her? Was that a kiss?

Serena and Brevan didn't kiss right. How had kissed Serena several times, and it was just a simple nuzzle of his nose against her mouth, they, however, were using their mouths and tongues!

It was messy, loud, and frankly, the grossest thing How had ever seen.

He plopped to the ground and cursed his short feet, unable to stick them in his ears to deafen the moaning sounds they were making.

He sighed in relief when they pulled apart, smiling and blushing as Ina's emotions bombarded him. She had committed the grossest act ever and she was happier than she had ever been in a long time.

Brevan left after a few moments and Serina scooped How up, dancing around the room and giggling.

"HowInagoodfoodrestbarbarians!" How yelped, stringing his limited vocabulary together in one burst of confusion.

He just didn't understand why Ina was so happy.


The next meeting was a bit different. Brevan snuck in as usual, and Serena told him to wait while she went into the next room to change into a dress she'd been saving for him.

How loved the dress, and he had made it very clear that it was beautiful, but still Ina's emotions were laced with nervousness as she changed.

So How focused his green eyes on Brevan, making sure that he waited for Ina, and didn't make any funny moves.

Brevan smiled at him and began to speak "You know How, I really like Serena"

"How!?" The creature chirped, already panicking. If he really liked Serena, then he'd be coming around a lot more, How couldn't have that!

"Well, like we could be more than friends, I mean she's beautiful and I feel like a new man when I'm with her."

How vibrated angrily, attempting to warn Brevan that he was treading on dangerous ground. Brevan didn't need to be a new man, he needed to go away!

Unfortunately, Brevan kept talking. That confirmed it, he was dumb.

"I just really care about her… I think I'm in love."


How leapt upwards and hurled himself at Brevan, biting his finger with his teeth. Serena didn't need to be loved, and she certainly didn't need him… Ina was just perfect until Brevan messed her emotions up!


The Comforter froze, his brown hair standing up on end as he realized… he was in big trouble.

He released Brevan's finger and turned to face a very angry Ina.

She wordlessly pointed to the corner and How dragged himself over, plopping on the floor.

Ina apologized, then Brevan began complimenting her on her dress. His words made her happy, in a way How just couldn't understand.


Then everything changed again.

The scary men overran the castle, forcing Serena to pack a bag for them both and flee into the sandy canyons around their kingdom.

They stumbled onto a camp and took shelter for the night, and then for many nights.

The only problem was it was Brevan's camp, and Serena and How shared his tent.

As the weeks passed How began compiling knowledge about human mating customs, because according to her emotions Ina desperately wanted to mate with Brevan. Why she did, How had no idea.

However, the best part was that Brevan seemed obvious to her secret desire. Soon, How reasoned, Serena would give up and get so mad that she'd never speak to Brevan again and things would be happy again.

That didn't stop them from kissing a lot, though.

It seemed like everything could be solved with a kiss. When Ina was sad, happy, too hot, too cold, even angry… all Brevan had to do was kiss her and her emotions returned to a happy equilibrium. It seemed that they could kiss anywhere they wanted and for as long as they wanted, and it never got boring for them.

How wondered if physical contact produced a calming vibration in humans, because even when they weren't kissing like there was no tomorrow, they were always touching. His hand was always on her hand, neck, back, hair, arm, leg, or in some cases under her clothing.

Ina was always happy and calm when they touched, which made How wonder if Brevan was replacing him.

Which made it more imperative that How take Ina away from this place.

On one rare occasion where Brevan had left them alone, How nuzzled in Serena's lap, putting phase one of his plan into action.


Serena scratched the side of his head "Yes How?"

"Ina… Brivan no good… How sad." How chirped.

"Aww, listen How. I know I'm spending a lot of time with Brevan, but he's a good man and I love him." She kissed How's head "But I love you too, and always will okay?"

How nodded, happy at her words "How good Ina!"

Well if she wouldn't leave, at least he got the reassurance that she loved him.


However that night something interesting happened.

Brevan and Serena often cuddled together at bedtime, but this time, they did it without shirts.

They were kissing each other like normal when Serena slid her hands under his shirt and then pulled it off, running her hands over his back and chest.

Not to be outdone, Brevan seized her shirt and pulled it off exposing her skin.

How squeaked in alarm as he did so. Serena had never taken anything off without being behind a screen or in a separate room. Even How was always told to stay away when she got undressed or dressed, and she always seemed very embarrassed when someone even knocked on the door when she was changing. Now Brevan had taken off her clothing.

How nearly jumped in fright as Serena froze for a second, she was embarrassed but that surprisingly faded as she blushed and pulled him close for another kiss.

Well, this was unexpected, Ina was supposed to be embarrassed and angry and she was supposed to scream, cover herself and then leave the tent and never speak to Brevan again.

The increased kissing and exploring wasn't right! Could Brevan do no wrong with her, would he ever leave?!

How sighed as their kisses gave way to cuddles as they both fell asleep, shaking his little head. "Brivan good, Ina happy… How sad." He muttered to himself. Still, Brevan made Ina happy, so that was good.


How had been keeping tabs on Serena's emotions and they had steadily been growing more positive the more time she spent with Brevan.

Until finally they exploded.

It was a regular night, they were kissing and touching like always when the shirts came off and were dropped on the ground.

What was strange was other items of clothing were hitting the floor as well.

How was already bright pink from all the positive emotions, but now he began to vibrate as moans of passion erupted from Ina's lips.

How cocked his head as the bed began to rock and her moans began to get louder, followed by the sounds of kissing.

What were they doing? Wrestling? Kissing? Was Brevan eating her at last? How concentrated, but he felt no fear or pain from Serena, just a sense of love and relief, along with happiness.

How walked over to the clothing pile and began to pull Serena's clothes together into their own pile, needing something to do to distract himself, besides Ina liked her clothes organized.


How wasn't sure how long it had been, but Serena's emotions finally evened out, as her pleasure faded down to normal levels.

He waited until they were both asleep and then hopped up onto the bed, seeing the pair curled up to one another. Brevan's head rested on Serena's, his hand was twined with hers, and every part of them was pressed together.

"Brerena…. Good" How mumbled. Brevan might be annoying, but he made Ina very happy, and that was enough for How's mind.

Still, if Brevan ever hurt her, How would bite him again.

Then How's green eyes noticed Serena's other hand, lying beside her, cupped, warm and inviting. He smiled and nestled into her palm, licking her fingers softly.

"How happy… like Berena." He chittered.

And he could have sworn Serena smiled wider.