It seems such a long time ago

That we were close

Then something happened over the summer

You changed

I stayed the same

Didn't realise it at first


From best friends

To nothing at all

Drifted apart

Your sworn enemy, your best friends

Now I'm wondering what has happened

Still lost,drowning in my own mess

Complaining about your sorrows

Yet I dare to ask what is wrong

Give you time and respect

A promise

Yet I wish that someone else

Would give me the same promise

That there will always be someone there for me

When I'm breaking down, buried in abyss

People change, time changes

Circumstance change

Yet I miss the old days where our friendship was strong

But now I don't know who you are

Still discovering who am

Still wondering if you still care

For I would do anything for you

The question is

Would you?