Written at the request of a good friend and penned while sitting in a hammock on a sunny Sunday afternoon. For you Amy.

Choice Thoughts

Our thoughts are all ours to change.

They vary in depth and in range.

But now we all have a choice.

Which of them are given voice?

Dark thoughts that can drive people apart?

Or bright thoughts that encourage the heart?

Our mind can wander to places dark or light.

But how do we tell which of the thoughts are right?

Dark thoughts that empty us of cheer and life.

The end will only bring tears and strife.

Carrying it is only a chore.

And it cannot help us to do more.

A bright thought is like sunlight.

Full of warmth and always bright.

It feeds our mind and lightens the soul.

With pleasant feelings we're filled up full.

Now inside there is darkness no more.

The joy has filled our once empty core.

The thought is what counts is how the saying goes.

But what it counts for depends on how we chose.

Thoughts? Opinions?