"That is not a valid reason,
you don't know anything of this world."

Oh, I'm sorry.
I did not realise that
there was only one way
that things could work.
I was not aware that
every single life and feeling
worked and evolved
in the exact same way
in every single person.

And you asked, didn't you?
About what I thought and
what I felt?
If you really did not care,
if you were poised to discount it
all along, then
I have to wonder why
you bothered in the first place.

But then again, I suppose that
some of the fault lies at
my own feet.
After all, between the inadequacy of words
and my inability to use them,
the prison I am in is one
of my own making, built
by my own cursed neurology
and the cruelty of chance.

You asked, didn't you, though?
And I answered, the only way
I know how, with the truth
as I see it.
But the world I know is
clearly meaningless against
that of you, and everyone else.
It may as well not even exist.

So, between the
inadequacy of words and
my inability to use them
I have doomed myself to rotting
away in a stammering silence.
Locked away between the cruelty of chance
and my own cursed neurology, I shall
remain right here.
Until it's not just my words that have disappeared,
but my entire self, too.

This poem comes off a bit deranged and enraged, not to mention illogical, but I wrote it when I was pretty angry, both at others and myself at the same time. I'm supposed to be an adult, but still, I get snagged in thought patterns like this.

Anyway, enough of that. I hope you enjoyed the poem anyway, and please do leave feedback.