"Mama Mama! Look what I found!"

Serina looked up as her six-year-old son rushed through the door, carrying a small frog in his hands, "I found him in the pond!"

She chuckled as the boy sped to a stop, the spitting image of his father. Black hair, green eyes, and a gentle heart, all those made up the son she had with her mortal.

"Can I keep him?" He asked, holding it gently for her inspection.

Serina stood, groaning as her stomach weighed her down. She was heavily pregnant with their second child, and their son was excited to have a little sibling, once the child was born.

"We don't have a pond here, so he needs to go back to his home" She decided "He'll be happier there, Mason I promise."

Mason nodded, already heading out the door "Okay froggy, I'll take you back home!"

Serina placed both hands over her stomach as she looked around the house, smiling at the changes her life had undergone after just six short years.

She and her mortal had married after a few months of dating, and she ended up giving birth nine months after the wedding. They had been completely lacking in self-control around one another, which was why she had not only gotten pregnant so fast but also was pregnant again.

Her mortal had worked to buy them a bigger house in the city, and with his blacksmithing skills it built itself in a matter of months. He still worked at the smithy, while she was perfectly content being a wife and mother to their son.

The pain between them was gone, instead replaced with a love few could understand, and even she sometimes had trouble gauging its depth. Her eyes glanced down to the wedding ring she wore with pride, showing the entire would that he was his as if the entire town didn't already know.

The door opened and she turned, seeing her mortal walk inside.

He was dirty with soot and grime, but his muscles still showed themselves under his clothing. His black hair ran down over his eyes and her fingers twitched lightly, burning with a desire to run her fingers through it. He turned to her, his eyes alight with love for her, a love that had never diminished.

She blushed as he advanced, raising her hands "Hold on love, you're dirty."

"When has that ever stopped you?" He smirked, raising an eyebrow. He squeezed her hands, pulling her into a kiss and she closed her eyes, sinking into the sensation.

As his tongue ran across her lips, she turned her head, struggling to speak as he pressed kisses to her cheek and neck. "Wait… Mason will be back soon."

"Mason is at the pond, letting all the frogs know that he won't take them home with him… so we have a bit of time." His hands rested on her belly, gently caressing the baby she carried, and her heart beat wildly.

Even after all this time, his presence could make her as giddy as a schoolgirl with a crush, and she batted her eyes at him. "I guess so…"

He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her deeply as his hands around traveled her back and sides as if he had never felt them before. She let his tongue slide into her mouth as her hands slid under his shirt, caressing his warm skin lovingly.

Her toes curled into the carpet as he massaged her shoulders, taking the stress of being pregnant and turning it to mush as his tongue stroked hers.

Then the door opened and the squeak of their son's voice filled the air, forcing them apart.

"Papa, you're making my little sibling uncomfortable" The six-year-old chided, wagging his finger at the pair. "You and Mama kiss lots."

Her mortal laughed and pulled away from her, scooping the boy up in his arms "Only because we love each other a lot, and how do you know what the baby feels?"

"I just know" The child grinned "I wouldn't like to be mushed between you while you kiss."

Serina laughed and kissed Mason's forehead before a knock echoed through the house. He put Mason down and opened the door, while she peered through the hallway, attempting to see who their visitor was.

"Serina… it's for you" He called, turning to let the visitor inside.

Serina's jaw dropped as the stranger walked inside.

He was a tall man, clad in a white robe that ended at his feet, and his eyes shone with wisdom and kindness. His long hair traveled in waves down his back, and his face broke into a smile as he took in Serina.

But the most interesting thing about this stranger was his wings.

Two strong feathery white wings provided an aura all their own as they swayed in the light, and Serina let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Arkhart."

The stranger smiled. "Hello Serina, I've come with a message for you, a message from above."

He passed his hand over her head "You have suffered your punishment for breaking our laws, and you have faced the pain and consequences for your actions. You have risen above your past and have found true happiness as a mortal. Therefore we have decided to restore your power and your former status as an angel, whether you choose to come back to your place above or remain here is your choice."

Serina felt her heart rise as her wings erupted from her back in a cloud of white, and a golden halo shimmered into place on her head. The power and divine judgment she had long learned to live without filled her soul again, nestling into place as if it had never left. She sighed happily and turned to her mortal, letting him see her in all her glory.

His voice clouded with emotion as he choked, unable to put how beautiful she was into words, and she was unable to tell him she already knew.

Thankfully Mason piped in "Mama is magic! She has pretty wings!"

Serina smiled, a smile she was sure would split her face in two as she hugged her son. "Thank you Arkhart… Thank you" she murmured, gripping the older angel's hand.

Arkhart smiled back "Don't thank me, you earned your wings of your own merit."

Serina pulled her mortal into a fierce hug, wrapping her wings around him, letting him hold her and wondering how long this happy moment could last.

After so much pain, angst, and hurt… she had her wings, her husband, and a family to call her own.

Her eyes met her mortal's, and the glance they shared only solidified the love they felt burning in their hearts.

Mason noticed the glance and huffed "They're going to kiss again… I know it."

Arkhart nodded, already leaving "I'll make my way back then."

The child grabbed the angel's hand "I'll go with you, do you like frogs Mister Ark?"

Nodding the older angel left with him "I do."

The pair left, hand in hand as Serina caressed her mortal with her wings, kissing him as hard as she could… and probably making the baby she carried more uncomfortable.

She was finally complete, and that was a joy she could never find an equal to... although as she felt the baby within her move, she knew that her family was going to be just as complete as her.

The pieces had all been repaired, and everything was as it should be.



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