Author's notes: These poems were written following a prompt to write two contrasting poems using similar themes. I hope it worked. The section in italics is a switch to third person in the first poem. Thanks for reading, ZB.

Flying with Chains

I imagine myself flying with wings of white

I imagine myself falling into the darkest night

In worlds I dwell upon slumbers stroke

Where reality becomes a joke

My heart of ice slowly thaws

Only to be eaten by vicious jaws

In the silence I sit and listen

As this world becomes my obsession

Watching from a distance so they can't see

That I am merely a shadow of my scripted glee

In dungeons I lay in chains of white

No rescuer or saviour in sight

Only dreams of flight to fill my days

And nightmares of falling into disarray.

In a pit of quiet the silence grew

All around nothing could be found

As slowly the darkness did surround

All light crept away through the cracks

Leaving pieces of a broken world's map

Her heart drifted in stormy clouds

She parted her lips but heard no sound

For she knew there was no way out.


Into freedom we are born

Floating on to reach the shore

Air sweetly fills these lungs anew

The same sun tingles all who grew

Endless cycles of life and love

Endless dreams of drifting above

In golden pools and aqua skies

In peaceful slumber where we shall reside

Tomorrow the day will start again

Another chance to go forth and win!

The sky is the limit and the stars the goal

But never forget your way back home.