Chapter 1

Deep in the heart of a rural town called Triderway, there lived a little Siamese kitten called Savannah Vamsi.

Triderway was a town entirely inhabited by Cats of all different shapes, sizes and breeds. It sat in the middle of a mountain region complete with overgrown grass, a dark forest and rather large wildflowers.

We start on what seemed a pretty average Wednesday where Savannah was sitting on her front doorstep, watching the world go by.

Savannah was a rather dreamy young kitten and her mother, Vera, occasionally got annoyed with her,

"Why don't you go and do something useful?" she asked now, coming out of the front door to see Savannah sitting on the step.

Savannah turned round to look at her,

"But, mother," She said, "What is there to do? This is such a boring town, I wish something significant would happen."

Vera sighed at her,

"Sometimes I wish you wouldn't talk like that," She frowned.

"Like what, mother?" Savannah asked, surprised.

"Like that! All long sentences." Vera smiled. She and Savannah were the poorest family in the town. Vera didn't like Savannah's tendency to use long, confusing words. Poor Vera couldn't even say the alphabet, but she and her daughter had a bond that couldn't be broken.

"Go and see Marigold," Vera suggested.

Marigold was Savannah's best friend; they had known each other since they were born. Savannah stood up suddenly and jumped up and down on the step,

"Oh! May I, mother?" She asked, enthusiastically.

Vera nodded and Savannah ran off down the path to Marigold's house. Little did she know, today was not at all your average Wednesday at all…

Savannah ran through the streets of Triderway, narrowly avoiding other cats as she went, calling to them,

"So sorry!.. Oops!.. Please, forgive me!"

Soon, she reached the home of Marigold, whose mother opened the door to a very exited Siamese kitten.

Marigold's mother, Celine, was a brown Tabby cat with a pretty face and a warm heart. Her husband, Monroe, was a stockily built yellowish tabby who mirrored his wife in nearly every way.

Celine greeted Savannah and showed her inside.

"Marigold is up in her room," She smiled, warmly, "Go have fun!"

As Savannah rushed up the stairs, Monroe came from the living room.

"Savannah come to play with Marigold?" He asked.

Celine nodded,

"Yes, would you take care of them while I go and see Storm?" she requested.

Monroe agreed.

Storm was the village weather forecaster, she had a strange way of just knowing whether it was going to rain or not. Nobody knew her real name, and 'Storm' wouldn't tell them, so she had simply gained the name because of her weather-forecasting talents.

Celine stepped through the human-sized door and out into the street as Monroe shrugged and wandered back to the living room.

Humans had once lived in Triderway, but when an avalanche destroyed half the town, they were forced to leave.

There had never been an avalanche since and the cats had lived in perfect safety…

Until today.