Meredith's house was rather cosy. A wood burning stove sat against the wall, alight, casting a warm glow about the room.

The three kittens sat down on the floor and Meredith shut the door before sitting down next to them.

"Why are you looking for the flower?" she asked, gravely.

"My Mother died and I want to forget loosing her," Savannah told her, straight-faced.

Meredith sighed,

"I'm sorry about your Mother," She said, "But I can't let you go to look for the Undraland Flower. It's too dangerous for little kittens like you. Go home and move on. You'll forget naturally in time. But I can't let you go and look for the Flower. There are many other cats that have looked and are still looking. Those searching may never find it. Go home!"

"NO!" Savannah shouted, angrily, "We won't give up!" and she stood up.

Meredith stood in front of the door, blocking Savannah as she tried to escape to the woods.

"There are many cats in Crejance who would kill you without hesitation to steal the Flower from you if you ever managed to track it down. It's way too dangerous," Meredith warned.

Savannah mewed and pushed past her.

Meredith opened the door to let her and Marigold and Harvey through.

"If you die," She called after them, "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

Harvey wondered how he could say anything if he was dead, but he followed his friends into the forest anyway.

The three had no idea what they were getting themselves into…

As the trio wandered the forest, they were met with an uneasy feeling: a sureness that they were being watched.

They were right: suddenly, a jet-black cat with red eyes jumped them…

"What are you doing out in the forest?!" He growled, "Little kittens like you don't belong out here!" The black cat hissed at them, swiping a paw at Marigold. She pulled her red cloth bag closer and trembled nervously.

The mysterious cat pawed the bag,

"What's in the bag?" He ordered.

"Just… food. And blankets," Marigold stuttered.

"Hand them over!" The Cat ordered.

"No!" Marigold shouted, "They're ours!"

The Highway Cat hissed at the three kittens. Out of the blue, three more cats jumped out at them and surrounded them. The three more cats were all black with red eyes. They growled at the kittens and licked their teeth.

Just as Marigold was about to hand over the checked bag, a new cat hopped out to protect them…

The mysterious cat was white with brown and black spots. He hissed and swiped at the highway robbers and the four black cats darted off shouting, 'It's The White Cat!' as they went.

"White Cat?" Savannah asked.

The white, black and brown cat nodded at them,

"That's me!" He grinned at her, "I protect the good cats of Crejance and scare away the bad. The Highway cats all call me The White Cat but my real name is Rockie."

"Do you know anything about the Undraland Flower?" Harvey asked.

"Yes, in fact, I do," Rockie laughed, "But I can't give that information to little kittens. Where are your parents? Do they know where you're going?"

"We're on the hunt for the flower so that my friends here can forget that their parents died," Marigold explained, "I'm sure my parents won't mind me out here; I'm with friends, after all."

"Well, if you're sure…" Rockie sighed, "If you go that way," he said, pointing down a path, "There will be a bog and if you manage to get past the bog, there's a sign giving directions to the wise cats' hut, keep following the signs until you get there, the wise cats will give you more information there. I bid you farewell," and he headed off into the woods.

The three kittens looked down the gravel path, nodded to each other and started their adventure into the unknown…