Daddy wants you to play with him, but he knows it's wrong. He knows he's tainted with feelings he shouldn't have, and he really doesn't want to drag you down with him.

So he tells you to go and play with the others. The normal ones.

Then daddy puts on a pair of high heels, and tries to act like the woman he never was. The guys stare at him with hunger in his eyes, and he knows exactly what they're thinking, because he thinks all the same things about the girls that come and play with him.

As the men swarm around him, daddy just wonders how many people know. How many people could stand to be bathed in the same rot as him. How many of the ignorant, disgusting bastards around him could take half of what he's going through.

They'd just break like little children on the inside.

When daddy gets home, he's tired and he washes off the make-up.

He thinks about the girls, so innocent, so playful, so pure. For a moment, he entertains the thought of having that particular girl's heart. For a moment, things like going to the movies, walking in a park, or staring at the sea make sense. With her, anything would.

Without her, nothing does. Everything is a waste of effort, and the only thing daddy doesn't want any more of is time.

He'd like a gun, so he could just shoot himself.