To the teachers who pissed me off to no end...

The young and the old,
The meek and the bold,
All seek it,
Few give it,
But the demand is high,
For the dying form,
That is Respect.

It is but a resource to take.

Its a strange creature,
Passed to elder and teacher,
But never to us,
Where is our trust?
Oh no its for those older then I,
For I am nothing,
A young person.

But it's my choice to make.

For respect should be earned,
It shouldn't be learned,
Nor given on a wim,
Passed onto her or him,
Its a prize for me to award,
A gift to be given,
It is mine.

Its the product of faith and trust.

I am a human being,
My trust may be fleeting,
But its a cure to hate,
And its not too late,
Get to know us so we aren't ignored,
It is worth it,
Just trust me.

I am not the only student here.