Chapter 6

The girl was driving her A.T.V. through the she came upon another road, she stopped. "What could be down here?" She pondered to herself as she stepped off of it. Turning the key, to stop the A.T.V's engine, before placing it into her pocket. The girl took her crossbow from the back of the four wheeler. "Please be something good." The girl muttered to herself as she started walking down the road.

Sonja stared at the road ahead of her. It obviously leading to a residential area. She was cautious as she entered. Wondering how many zombies were there, and if there were any people. Her crossbow raised and ready to shoot as she walked. If anyone or anything came she could take care of it. As she entered the first house, she was stressed, looking for signs of anything. After only finding a few cans of food, she threw them into her bag. Sonja continued searching before deciding the house was empty.

She had searched two more houses, with the same results. The area must have been raided already. Sonja entered what appeared to be the last house when she heard a noise. Spinning around, she saw something running. It wasn't human as it was on four legs. It definetly was some sort of animal. Sonja started running after the creature, Maybe it'll make a good meal or two. She thought to herself as she ran behind it. The animal had run into the woods. "I'll follow you soon enough." She said out loud, for no real reason. Sonja then entered the last house, and to her surprise, she found a dagger, almost identical to the one she had already. This is great! Sonja thought to herself, as she picked it up.

Feeling the dagger in her hand, she slung the crossbow to her back, pulling out her other dagger. Let's have some fun eh? Sonja thought to herself as she pulled her other dagger. The girl then decided to throw it at the broken television set, missing it by a few inches. "Don't worry. You'll get it." Sonja reassured herself, before throwing the second dagger, hitting the rim of the tv. She sighed, walking to pick up the two daggers before hearing a low groan. Shit! We got a zombie. She thought to herself as she spun a dagger in her hand. Waiting for the undead to strike.

As Sonja stood there waiting, the groaning grew louder. She then decided to go outside, and soon enough realized that there was more than one zombie. More like twenty! Sonja's mind was racing with thoughts as to what she was going to do. Sonja sheathed one dagger, placing the other in her boot temporarily, she pulled her crossbow. Firing a shot into one of the zombie's heads, before reloading. Sonja was able to fire seven arrows, killing seven zombies before they got too close.

After dropping the crossbow, she pulled her two daggers. Sonja charged into the group of zombies, cutting them. Gaining enough time to push them back, she killed three more instantly. Good, only ten left. She thought to herself, as she threw the dagger, this time just barely hitting a zombie, but it was good enough to knock it out. Nine. Sonja picked up the dagger, taking out another two. Seven. Sonja did not realize it yet, but she was being cornered.

As she killed another two, Sonja smirked. "There's only five of ya. Come at me then eh?" The girl stepped back, before the heel of her boot hit the wall. "Shit….I've gone and run out of room already?" Sonja sighed, before pushing off the wall, throwing a dagger into one of the zombies, killing it. Two. She thought again, as she landed on one, taking it to the ground with her. Sonja threw the other dagger into the approaching zombie, leaving her on the ground with one. Unarmed.

"You're the last one eh?" She smirked, reaching for a weapon, before realizing she didn't have any. "God damn it." Sonja muttered to herself, as she looked around anxiously. Spotting a rock, she picked it up, biting her lip. This'll get messy. She then took the rock and repeatedly smashed it into the zombie's head. Zero. Sonja stood, dusting off her hands, as she went to collect her arrows, crossbow, and daggers."That wasn't so bad was it then?"

Sonja, deciding to once again follow the creature was pleased with herself. Twenty more? That'd be a story for you to tell them. She smiled to herself, thinking of what Tom and Michael would think. As she found a sheath for the second blade, she cleaned both daggers. Then her arrows. Afterwards, she set off back after the creature, she undid her hair from the ponytail it was in. Her long hair flowing in the breeze.

Sonja entered a new clearing, scanning the area for signs of anything. She heard a noise, as she turned. Closing her eyes for a moment, to try and concentrate. "What are you." Sonja talked to herself, to pass the time as she waited. As the girl was listening to the noises, she heard a branch crack behind her. Spinning around she saw the thing she was supposedly hunting. But now she didnt want to hint it, as it was a dog!

The dog, a german shepherd stared at her. Sonja hefted her crossbow onto her back, as she got onto a knee. "Hi there…" Her voice was higher than normal as it always was when she talked to a dog. Extending a hand for the dog to sniff, Sonja was ready if it were to attack.

The german shepherd inched closer, obviously intrigued from Sonja's gesture, as she realized it smelled the fact she was living. Sonja's face had a smile growing on it as the dog sniffed her hand. She hadn't seen a dog before the apocalypse started. The dog moved closer to Sonja, going up to her, looking happy as the dog placed its head on her knee. Sonja giggled as she stroked the dog's head.

When Sonja was walking back, her new dog following behind her, a noise stopped her. It sounded like a car! Sonja shouted to her dog for them to run to the woods, but it was too late. The car saw them! Sonja loaded an arrow into her crossbow as the barrel of a machine gun stuck out from a window! Sonja cursed loudly as bullets flew towards her. As Sonja's dog ran into the woods, she dropped to the ground, firing an arrow at the car. The arrow just managed to hit the tire, causing air ot be released.

Sonja smirked, as she stood slowly, before the doors opened. "DAMNIT!" Sonja shouted, as she loaded another arrow. Taking aim with her crossbow, two men stepped out. One of them had no gun, the other had an AK-47. "Well well wll." The man with the gun said, staring at Sonja. You're one of the three that moved next door to us. Sonja bit her llip at the mention of her friends."Oh dont worry girl, we have them...And no harm will come to them. If you come with us."

"Why should I come with you?" Sonja cocked her head slightly, the bow now aimed at the man with the gun's chest."Because our master….Would like you." The other man, seemingly unarmed said, walking towards her. "Back away from me." Sonja stammered as her hands trembled slightly. She did not like the way these man acted. Biting her lip as she raised her crossbow, she heard a gunshot. Sonja's immediate reflex was to duck. As her hands hit the floor, one of the two men shouted. Sonja's head jolted upwards, searching the area as she grabbed her crossbow. The two men that were yelling at her had also ducked.

As Sonja came to realize, the bullets were being fired at her! Picking up her crossbow, she ran for cover, towards the woods. Letting out a whistle, she saw the dog running towards her. As more gunfire rang out, Sonja continued running. Trying to find a dense area of woods, she heard shouting behind her. They were following her. Sonja loaded an arrow, taking aim as the dog appeared behind her. Sonja noticed one of the men ,his gun out, firing the arrow at him, making him scream in pain as it went through his stomach.

Going to reload another arrow, Sonja reached for it from her quiver. As she put her hand back, it was grabbed! Sonja went to scream before another hand covered her to kick against the man holding her, something hit the side of her head, and she was rendered unconscious.