Light and Dark

Darkness is an element of life.

It is everywhere we go.

It creeps under bridges

And beneath the highest tree.

You shall always see it following you

When you walk in the sunlight.

It waits behind the sun and beneath the earth.

Patient and quiet.

There is nothing to fear about darkness.

It is harmless in itself.

But do not let it get inside you.

For there it can do much damage.

It will silently wait until its chance comes to grow.

It can feed off the tiniest piece of gloom and expand

Into an unbearable void that almost nothing can shrink.

Darkness can be dangerous, if left unwatched.

But it has one large weakness.

Light can push the darkness back to a safe distance

And hold it at bay.

Even a single candle can hold it back.

But you must take care to not let your candle go out.

Keep it tended and fueled or darkness will begin

To work its circle closer and closer to you

Until you are completely enveloped.

Your ring of light is your safe haven.

Be sure that it never dwindles to a mere flicker.

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