It's been awhile since you've meet your old friend again. Life has been busy; this and that after this and that with little time to meet them. You've missed them and wished you could slip away from the bustle of life to remember that they are your friend. Now though you've got time.

You've made the coffee, more steeping cups than required and than can be good for either of you. They'll be here soon enough. They'll enter with a spring and with them bring dragons and donkeys and fireworks of magic. You're good friend's like that. You'll welcome them warmly; how else do you welcome someone with a spark on their shoulder than with an open heart and an eager mind and for the moment, an uncaffeinated spirit.

You're not sure how long they'll be around for; sometimes you find something comes up and you have to unfortunately show them the door. They'll take the dragons with them. Those are the days you say goodbye with a sigh and promise you'll invite them over another day. Of course another day will come, you don't know when and you don't know if you'll have to show them the door again but there's always another day.

This day though, is another day, one where you're sure you'll have time to finish at least two cups of coffee with your friend. The dragons are coming.

There's a knock. With a smile you open the door of your mind to your old friend and welcome them in. Today your imagination has brought a talking wattle brush and even though you laugh at it you cheers a cup of coffee and write. Your friend is back.