Meet the Usurper Prince

Last time on Henshin Kenshin and MagiCassie:

"The fate of the world rests on your shoulders."

"You said cut the blue wire. There are no blue wires!"

"I don't know who's saying what!"

"I need to stop writing this stuff at three in the morning."

"I'm a prince from another planet cursed by a usurper and banished to Earth!"

"Wait, wait," Cassie snapped. "I'm still not sure how to turn this off!" She motioned to her outfit, which was "Hey, Creep! What did I say?" Oh, come on! This is ridiculous!

"Um, are you okay, Cassie?" Pugmalion asked. "Who are you talking to?"

"Some weirdo who's trying to talk about what I'm wearing. It's creepy!" Cassie answered.

"Yeah, that's weird, all right," Pugmalion barked in agreement before leaning towards Kenshin. "The poor girl's just too stressed. She thinks someone's trying to tell people what she's wearing."

"Like when she first showed up in a red shirt and a blue denim skirt?" Kenshin asked, causing Cassie to grunt in disgust. "Or now, in her MagiCassie outfit, the red and white princess dress-"

"You jerk!" Cassie shouted as she dropkicked Kenshin in the back. "Ugh, I feel so uncomfortable now."

"Yeah, yeah. You and the voices in your head will thank me in the long run, crazy lady," Kenshin groaned. "Anyway, you were saying about the transformation process?"

"Right. Pugmalion, how do I change back?"

"Oh, um… try touching the jewel on the center of your tiara?" Pugmalion guessed.

"Okay." Cassie pressed the gem, and after a flash of light, remained the same? "Nothing happened!"

"Huh," Kenshin just shrugged at Cassie's struggling and plopped on the couch, ready to watch TV. "That's a… shame?" Just as he glanced back towards Cassie, he saw her reflection in a nearby mirror, only to see the reflection showed… "Hatsune Miku?"

"Try it again, Cassie," Pugmalion urged. Cassie touched the gem again, and after another flash of light, Kenshin saw the reflection turn into Im Yoona. "It's not doing anything!"

"Actually-" Kenshin started, only for Cassie to glare at him.

"I'm still mad at you for sizing me up like a pervert," Cassie snarled. "Keep it to yourself!" She touched the gem once more, causing another change.

"Snrk!" Kenshin could barely hold in his laughter at the result, but he said nothing.

"Kenshin!" The teens turned towards the door at the sound of Kenshin's mother's voice. "Kenshin! Unlock the door!"

"What should we do?" Cassie asked. "She'll find out I'm MagiCassie!"

"Relax. I got this," Kenshin replied as he opened the door, still without his shirt. "Hey mom, I was going to do some laundry, but things have come up." He then noticed the panicked expression on his mom's face. "Something wrong?"

"I lost Cassie!" Kenshin's mom wailed as she pushed past Kenshin. "Oh, if this gets out… Kenshin, she was never here. People get kidnapped at the airport all the time; she never showed up, got it?"

"What about the dog?" Kenshin asked, cringing.

"We'll have to disguise it to look like another dog. I'll start making a solution in the bathroom to permanently dye it, and you go get the dog. By force if you have to!"

"Mom, mom!" Kenshin shouted, sufficiently disturbed. "Oh my goodness, Cassie's fine! She came back here to pick something up and said she'd try to meet up with you at the frozen yogurt place. You know, the one at least an hour away from here?"

"Oh, well all right then," Kenshin's mom sighed. Just as she began to calm down, she noticed Cassie and Pugmalion in the room. "Um, Kenshin, what's going on here?"

Cassie froze to the spot as Kenshin scrambled to find an excuse. "Oh, she's… a friend. She saw MagiCassie on the TV and wanted to cosplay as her?" Cassie and Pugmalion both hid their faces at his excuse.

"O-Oh," Kenshin's mom said as she scratched her head. "Well, I'm not sure which is more surprising; the fact that your friend got such a convincing costume so quickly or that you are friends with a Gila monster." Cassie turned as pale as a ghost as Kenshin struggled to keep a straight face. "Well, I'll just hurry and meet up with Cassie. Take care!"

"Bye, mom!" Kenshin called out as his mother quickly left for the frozen yogurt place. He then glanced at Cassie and smiled.

"Gila monster?" Cassie fumed, her face even redder than her hair. "How could she confuse me for some disgusting, scaly-"

"Never mind that," Pugmalion added. "What exactly did she mean by 'permanently dye,' Kenshin?"

"Well, you told me to keep it to myself, Miss Gila Monster," Kenshin said as he burst into a fit of laughter. "Oh, I can't breathe! Can't breathe! Oh, the look on your face!"

"Don't make me use the Super Magical Heart Heart Beam on you," Cassie threatened.

"All right, all right," Kenshin sighed and pointed to a nearby mirror. "Look in that mirror."

"Fine, but I don't see-EEEEEEE!" Cassie Jumped back in shock upon seeing a giant reptile in a dress.

"Before you freak out, touch the gem again," Kenshin suggested, "and try to think of someone in particular. I'll be right back." Kenshin slipped away as the girl was focused on the mirror.

"Okay, How about the princess from that one forest exploring game…" Cassie touched her tiara and gazed into the mirror. The reflection changed into that of a girl with long, purple hair. "It worked! Hey, Pugmalion! Come here and see this! I'm going to test this out, and I want you to tell me who I look like."

"Okay," Pugmalion said with a slight whimper. As Cassie touched the gem, there was a flash of light. "You look like Taylor Swift," he muttered in an uninterested tone. Flash! "Megumi Hayashibara." Flash! "Mortem3r." Flash! "Ayi'ig." Flash! "Cassie, I'm sure this is fun and all, but do you remember why you were given this power in the first place?"

"To save the world or something?" Cassie guessed.

"Or something?" Pugmalion barked. "The usurper who cursed me to look like this has his sights set on this world! I needed to raise up a champion to defeat him, and with your powers, you are the perfect candidate. You have to focus, however, before he gets here, or else it's all over for us."

"I'm back," Kenshin shouted as he darted across the room, now wearing navy-blue slacks and a light blue button-down shirt. In his hands was the majority of his hero uniform, which he unceremoniously tossed into a washing machine. "For some kind of advisor, your dog has no idea what he's doing." Kenshin began to walk around the kitchen as he spoke. "To change back to normal, all you have to do is focus on being normal. Pretend you are just some washed up otaku chick who's really 47 years old and are trying to look like Magicassie as some sort of futile wish fulfillment." Kenshin poked his head into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda. "If your powers are at all similar to mine, you could develop a simpler method of using a key phrase or something; I have a list I tend to cycle through. Just make sure it's something that you would never find yourself saying without thinking, or else you might de-power yourself in the middle of a fight or something. Learned that one the hard way."

"Okay, I guess," Cassie stared into the mirror and touched her tiara, making her reflection appear much older. "You have to face the facts, Cass; you'll never be great. You're whole life is a vortex of disappointment and suffering." In an instant, Cassie's dress disappeared, leaving her in her normal clothes. "I'm back to normal…"

"That's really depressing," Pugmalion whined.

"Yeah, that's why most heroes usually go with the key phrase. Looking like an idiot is better than shattering your self –esteem, especially when no one will see you look like an idiot." Kenshin explained. "Wait a sec. We've gotta get you to that frozen yogurt place or my mom'll flip!"

"That reminds me, Kenshin," Pugmalion growled, "what was your mother planning?"

"No time for that now," Kenshin shouted as he ran for the door. "I know a shortcut; we can get there in no time at all!"

Once Kenshin and Cassie were out the door, Pugmalion darted for the nearest computer. "Okay, just how permanent a dye was the crazy old bird talking about?"

Two teens sprinted at breakneck speed as they finally reached the shop Kenshin had tricked his mother into visiting. "Wow, I can't believe we made it," the redhead wheezed. "But we got here in time, didn't we?"

"Yes," the blond boy said stoically. "And now you have nothing to fear, for I will…" The boy began clutching his chest and groaning, dropping a school pin.

"Kenneth! Are you okay? Ugh…" The girl started writing in much the same manner until the two vanished, their cries being replaced by the sudden appearance of Kenshin and Cassie exactly where Kenneth and the girl stood. Cassie gasped in terror, her eyes nearly blank from shock, but Kenshin was utterly calm.

"See? No time at all!" Kenshin boasted.

"How are you so casual about that?" Cassie shrieked. "What kind of lunatic not only owns a wormhole in his swimming pool, but also lets random people jump through it with no warning?"

"Hey, Dr. Madman is not a lunatic!" Kenshin snapped back. "He's a brilliant man with an unfortunate family name, and I- uh oh," Kenshin glanced down at the now-ownerless pin. "Oops."

"What's 'oops' mean?" Cassie asked just before noticing the pin. "Oh no! We teleported to a place someone else was standing?"

"Two people," corrected the frozen yogurt vendor.

"Two? We just vaporized two innocent bystanders?"

"Well, you can't be certain they were innocent," Kenshin remarked. Cassie began to fidget frantically. "Relax, Cassie. I've been on both sides of this; they'll return if we just take a few steps away." Cassie and Kenshin both stepped back, and in an instant, the two civilians popped back into existence, quite visibly shaken. "We just kind of pushed them out of our dimension of a bit. They're fine. Relatively speaking."

"What's that?" a random citizen shouted as he pointed up to a ship in the sky. "Is it a pig?"

"No, it's a train!" a woman replied.

"No, it's… I'm not actually sure, but you two were way off," Kenshin answered.

"Attention, people of the planet, um… Let's see, um, oh! Planet Ear-th!" A cloaked figure teleported itself to the surface, right where Kenneth and the girl were standing, and held up a picture of a person. "I am here to find a certain person. He looks like this normally, but has disguised himself as a breed of animal native to this world called a… pyoog."

"Oh, no!" Cassie thought to herself. "This is that evil prince that Pugmalion warned me about!" Cassie marched up to the figure and pointed an accusing finger. "We won't let you have your way with our world, you no good, wicked-" the cloaked figure unwrapped the cloth that covered his face, revealing himself to be an indescribably handsome young man. "-hottie…" Cassie found herself slightly drooling and yelped. "I-I…"

"I didn't want to show my face, but…" the man jumped up onto a table and shouted for all to hear. "People of Ear-th, I mean you no harm! I only ask that you give me your full cooperation." Kenneth and the girl reappeared again, this time looking more disappointed than terrified.

"I'll give you cash!" One girl shouted.

"I'll give you anything you want!" another girl screamed.

"Back off, I saw him first!" Cassie snapped.

"Hoo, boy," Kenshin groaned. "Hey, you in the cape!"

"You mean me?" the visitor from space asked.

"Yeah, aren't you from the planet Bishonon? I thought it was against the rules of galactic conduct for you to show your faces on this planet without a facial filter."

"Yes, well, my business is of the utmost importance, so I think your world leaders will overlook the matter. Now if that's all, please leave me be; I have business to conduct." Before Kenshin could say another word, the man from Bishonon was mobbed by uncontrollable fangirls.

"Yeah, that's not gonna fly with me, pal," Kenshin grunted as he ducked into a nearby alleyway. "Henshin Kenshin does not take the breaking of planetary laws so easily." When no one was around, Kenshin struck a pose. "Power to save the world, heed my call!" Kenshin threw his arms in the air and clenched his fists. Yellow electricity crackled between them as his body was covered in a golden light. "My determination that keeps me standing, and allows me to kick into high gear!" The light around his legs took shape and became yellow and white pants, and then formed boots at his feet. "My…pants!" Kenshin paused his transformation as soon as he noticed that his clothes were soaked and soap filled. "Uggghh… My strength that makes my foes quiver in fear, and on an especially good day, makes them soil their pants in sheer terror…" He brought his left arm down to the ground as the light formed a pair of dripping wet gloves. "Ugh… My wisdom that most people overlook because they think I'm an idiot and I don't care to correct them!" Then he crossed his arms in front of his face as a shining mask covered the top half of his head, along with soapy water right in his eyes. "Owowow, oh come on! I didn't even put the mask in the washing machine!" After writhing for a good minute and a half, he regained his composure. "And my shirt, because I do not have the physique of those other heroes that drives the ladies crazy!" Finally, the light around his chest transformed into the final piece of his soggy armor, his symbol, a white H, emblazoned across its chest. "With these things, I am HENSHIN KENSHIN!"

"Ugh, why?" Kenshin moaned as he ran out of the alley, his boots squishing with each step. "I hope I can just scare him off with this getup and change back before the chafing sets in."

"Look, it's Henshin Kenshin!" a man shouted.

"Who?" the alien asked.

"Only Tokyopolis' greatest hero! He'll get you for putting our women under your foul spell!"

"Come on, don't make this more difficult than it needs to be," Henshin Kenshin nearly begged. "Just get back in your ship and get out of here!"

"I cannot…" The man tried to answer, but was so swarmed by the girls that he couldn't even look at the hero. "Enough!" The man sent a ball of fire into the sky, scaring most of the girls off of him. " I'm not just some punk trying to get attention; I am the prince of Bishonon, and I demand this creature!"

"Okay, that is most definitely not how we do things around here, 'Your Highness,'" Henshin Kenshin barked back. "As a prince, this makes your unannounced arrival, disregard for galactic law, and hostile behavior look very much like an attack on our planet, even if you are here for good reason. If you're smart, you'll cut your losses and go home before things get too out of hand!"

"If you are telling me you are harboring this creature from me, then I have no choice but to continue my search through force," the prince replied grimly as he raised his left arm to his ear. "Release the Monstrous Peafowl; I will be boarding momentarily." The prince teleported away in the same manner as he had arrived.

"That's not what I said at all!" Kenshin shouted, but to no avail. "Ugh, Bishonians just never listen, do they? Think they're so superior…" Kenshin's grumblings were cut short as a beam of light descended onto the street, followed by the cry of a bird. Once the light faded, Kenshin was staring right at… a normal-looking peacock.

"What is that?" The prince of Bishonon asked as he saw what his crew had sent down to the planet. "That's not the Monstrous Peafowl."

"Your Highness, Monstrous Peafowl are endangered; the best we could do is send your pet bird, Agent Featherbrain," one of the crew replied.

"What? You sent Feathers down there?"

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Agent Featherbrain squawked in confusion as it tried to determine the sudden change in its surroundings. "The Monstrous Peafowl! Run before it steals your soul with its tail feathers!"

"Oh, boy," Henshin Kenshin groaned as he looked around at the scene. "You there!" He shouted at Cassie. "Yes, the absolutely normal teenage girl who I most definitely do not know; will you please give me something to write on?"

"U-Uh, yes, great superhero that I totally don't know," Cassie answered sarcastically as she grabbed a notepad and pen from the yogurt stand. "Here you-" Once she got close enough, Cassie realized that Kenshin was soaked. "Um… here."

"Thank you, ordinary citizen," Kenshin said boldly as he scribbled a note and approached the bird. "Now, as for you, take this note and give it to your prince." The peacock, being a peacock, just looked around. "Yeah, of course it's not that easy." Kenshin ran some power through his fingers and put the note on the bird's face, letting static hold it in place.

"Aw?" Once the paper hit Agent Featherbrain's face, he spun around, slapping Kenshin in the face with his tail multiple times. Amid the bird's frantic attacks, no one noticed the ship preparing to retrieve the prince's pet.

"Okay, that's enough!" Kenshin barked as he blocked the next swipe of Agent Featherbrain's tail just as the bird was transported back to the ship. "Huh?" Kenshin looked up in time to see the ship take off. "Hmm…"

"Did you see that?" a townsperson shouted. "Henshin Kenshin destroyed the Monstrous Peafowl and thwarted the Bishonian invasion!"

"That's why he's our hero!" another person shouted.

"Aw… I mean yay." a random girl added flatly.

"What." Cassie and Kenshin muttered in unison.

"Uh… It was nothing?" Kenshin said in bewilderment. "S-See ya." Kenshin turned and jumped away, his boots squishing under him.

"Cassie!" Cassie spun around at the mention of her name to see Kenshin's mother running up to her. "Oh, I'm so glad you're alright! I mean, I knew you were fine, I mean, I wasn't panicking and considering telling your parents that you never made it to the… Anyway, I'm sure you must have seen quite a bit here in Tokyopolis. What do you think?"

"Um…" Cassie glanced around at all the people who, mere moments ago, were terrified of a simple bird. "It's not dull here, that's for sure." She then looked up at the sky where the Bishonian ship was flying. "How?" she thought to herself. "How am I going to save the world from that prince? I turned into a quivering mess just by looking at him! I'll have to ask Pugmalion for help when I get back to the house."

"Are you alright, Cassie?" Kenshin's mother asked, before glancing around the area, eventually resting her eyes on the scorch mark left on the ground from Kenshin's escape. "Hmm, Cassie, I have something I want to talk to you and Kenshin about once we get home." Cassie noticed the expression on the woman's face turned sour. "It is extremely important that you answer me honestly."

Kenshin slipped into the house and closed the door behind him. "Cats are a construct of the Illuminati." In a flash, Kenshin was back in his old clothes and his suit was back in the wash.

"Stupid paws!" Pugmailion shouted as he walked by Kenshin. "Maybe I should just-" Kenshin waved as the dog glanced back at him. "Hey, that was fast."

"Super powers do that," Kenshin replied. "Now about that usurper of yours, would he happen to be Bishonian?"

"Yes! Y-you saw him?"

"Yeah, and he has all the subtlety and poise I've come to expect from that planet of puffed up prettyboys."

"Did you fight him?" Pugmalion asked. "Did you,um, get rid of him?"

"What? No! Should I have?" Kenshin shot a glare at the dog.

"N-no, that'd turn out bad for all of us. But we will need to do something about him soon if I'm ever going to be my old self again."

"Kenshin! We're home!" Kenshin's mom announced. Kenshin waved as the girls walked in. "Now that we're home, Cassie, I want to know: did you go to the shop by yourself, or did Kenshin take you there?"

"Uh," Cassie glanced at Kenshin, who only stared back in uncertainty. "I…"

"Well?" Kenshin's mom said angrily. "It's a simple question!" She then turned towards her son. "If you were fooling me to show off in front of that girl…"

"Yeah, he took me there! B-but we went through Dr. Madman's house. It's not like he carried me with his powers or anything! Yeep!" Before she knew it, Cassie had blurted Kenshin's secret in her panic.

"Oh, Cass," Kenshin groaned. "Mom, it's not as bad as you think. Cassie's got powers too; she's Magicassie!"

"Kenshin!" Cassie gasped.

"Is that right?" Kenshin's mother questioned, her scowl disappearing as she heaved a sigh of relief. "Well, in that case, she would have found out eventually."

"Wait; you know about Kenshin's powers?" Cassie balked.

"Of course. His powers run on his father's side of the family," Kenshin's mother explained. "I saw a scorch mark left in the pavement near the shop and knew he was there." She placed a hand on Cassie's shoulder and continued. "I try my hardest to protect my son, so I was concerned he might have slipped up and let you discover his powers. My son if very capable as a hero, but he's not invincible, so I try to protect him from making unnecessary trouble. However, since you have your own secret, I'm willing to trust that you won't reveal his identity."

"Thanks?" Cassie replied, unsure of how to take the event. "You promise not to tell anyone I'm Magicassie?"

"If you can promise me that you won't tell anyone that my son is Henshin Kenshin. I also helped my son get the materials he needed for his abilities; is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well, I guess I could use help with one thing," Cassie answered. "I tend to use a lot of red gelatin for some of my abilities."

"Wait a second," Kenshin blurted, starting to chuckle. "Are you telling me you beat Strawman, the extremist supervillain, with creatively shaped cherry gelatin? Oh, that's hilarious! Watch out, world! We've got dessert!"

"Don't push it, Kenshin," Cassie snarled, summoning her wand.

"Look out, Gorrilich! Magicassie is going to stop you with the power of cavities!"


"Oh, no! It's Cassie's nemesis! A villain with a sweet tooth! It's time for the secret weapon, t-"Kenshin's fun was cut short by a blast of Super Magical Heart Heart Beam launching him through the window and halfway down the street.

"Oops, sorry about the window," Cassie said sheepishly, once again in her MagiCassie outfit.

"It's fine, Cassie. That wasn't the first time," Kenshin's mom said with deflated laughter. "No, I think I can give you something better than gelatin." Kenshin's mother took down the wall mirror, revealing a safe. With a few quick twists, the safe was opened, revealing three rocks: one red, one blue, and one brown. "Feel free to take one."

"Um, okay?" Cassie first touched the red rock, and then recoiled in shock by its heat. She then touched the blue rock, which felt damp, as if it had been resting in a stream, and finally the brown rock, which felt as though it was covered with sand. Finally, she grabbed the red rock and held it in front of Kenshin's mother.

"Oh, that one," the woman grunted as she ran out of the room, returning with a fire extinguisher. "Go ahead and activate it. Press it to your wand, or perhaps into your hand."

Cassie silently pushed the rock into her wand, noticing that the rock seemed to melt into the wand. Before she could even speak, her wand burst into flames, and the fire completely engulfed her. "H-Help!" To her amazement, the fire didn't hurt her. "Wow. What- Garblblbl!" Without warning, Kenshin's mother sprayed Cassie with the fire extinguisher. "Pteh! Ptoo!"

"Sorry, but I don't want to replace all the furniture again," Kenshin's mom explained. "Much like how Kenshin uses electricity, you can now use the power of fire, and you can come to me if you want to swap elements."

"Really?" Cassie asked. "Then with this kind of power, maybe I can save the world."

"Maybe, but you won't be alone. Kenshin will doubtlessly help you, just like you can help him," Kenshin's mother said, just as Kenshin threw himself back into the house, drenched in magical gelatin. "Provided you don't set him on fire first."

"No promises," Cassie huffed.

"How reassuring," Kenshin whimpered. "Cassie just threw me out a window, and now she has firepower? Is anything else going to happen today?"

"This just in!" the Neighborhood Watch Committee Van broadcasted, "an alarming number of incidents have been reported in Tokyopolis Beach District; the victims all suffered from nosebleeds from various origins. It is rumored to be the work of supervilainess Fran Service, so any and all beachgoing activities are not recommended."

"Of course," Kenshin grunted. "Cassie, I'm going to need your help with this one." He then glared towards the washing machine. "Mom, can you throw my uniform in the dryer and set it to 'hero' setting?"

"Sure thing, just wait ten minutes before invoking the power of Henshin Kenshin," Kenshin's mom replied as the pair of teens slowly trudged out the door. "This is going to be an interesting partnership; I can tell."