Fully resting his hand in his pocket, he drew out a "cig" and held the end to his mouth. Grabbing his lighter, he held his hands close to it to stop the wind from blowing it out. Just as he neared the flame to the bud, it extinguished.

"Damn." He waved the lighter up and down and brought it close to his face once more. The wind blew again, harder this time. Much, harder.

He looked around. Nothing but a bright mix of lavender and cadmium orange. And clouds. He looked up.

"Huh," he mumbled, the cig at the corner of his mouth. He plucked the cig out of his mouth and held it up at eye level in front of him, and let go.

He watched as the cig fell downwards, or rather, upwards, towards the infinite abyss that was the twilight sky. He looked over his coffee leather shoes, which stood on nothing but the very sky itself, until he could no longer spot the cig amongst the many sparkling figures taking form in that open, void world beneath him.

"Trippy," he said, glancing upwards once more. After a moment, he rested both his hands in his long, gray, wool coat that matched his dark, stubbled chin.

He walked forwards towards the smooth, green hills he was amidst of, no longer looking around his surroundings, but simply looking down at his empty colorful path, with the skyline overhead glittering like entirely new stars made from the lights within the mighty skyscrapers.