I needed a lie.

I needed a "Your mother is gonna be ok",

even if neither of us believed it so.

I needed a lie.

I needed a "You're doing good",

even if I was all fucked up.

I needed a lie because I knew the truth.

I needed a hand on my shoulder to make me feel like I was not alone.

I didn't need to be pushed forward; I just needed someone to walk with me.

I needed to feel like I could count on someone if everything went to shit.

I needed a soft, beautiful lie,

because I wanted to survive the rest of my trip through the truth.

And I wasn't gonna believe in the lie.

I wasn't gonna be flooded with the lie.

I wasn't gonna be fooled by the lie.

I wasn't gonna pretend I was ok and stay like that.

Because I was gonna know it was a lie.

But I needed a lie to be able to give another step.

To pretend the road wasn't that tough.

To make it easy, to make it bearable.

To make me believe I was capable.

I needed a lie.

But instead I got an ugly true.

And no one to share the pain…