I have this deep urge in my body

In my mind

And in my heart

To be with a bad boy

Such as the one that keeps re-appearing in my dreams

In my dreams he makes my whole body tingle

Causing a numbness

From head to toe

Making my heart beat at an unhealthy pace

And making it difficult to breath

If I could escape to the dream world to be with him

I would never wake up again

For the real world and reality will mean nothing to me

For if my bad boy only exists in my dreams

I only want to exist in the world of dreams

Whenever I wake from a dream

I feel so alone

Longing for him

Wishing I could still dream of him

With all the feelings and emotions he makes me experience

Seeing his face and reliving the dreams makes it worse

Increasing the longing for my dream bad boy

You are in my dreams

But I want you in my reality