Losing You

We grew up together,
and went through so much.

Crushes, writing notes to boys, fights,
friends, prank calls, skating, biking,
make up, movies, we did it all together.

I miss your infectious laugh,
your crazy smile.

No matter how horrible my day had gone,
it would all melt away the instant I saw you.

You and your family were like a beacon in the dark,
An affirmation that there was still good in the world.

You always thought it weird that I mixed cream cheese with jelly,
bagel breakfast Saturday with you was something I loved so dearly.

I always laughed at the way you use to fight with your thick, and unruly hair,
and yet I always aspired to be as beautiful as you.

You had grace, and style,
But you weren't afraid to be a nerd too.

You introduced me to Hard Rock,
Your mom screaming at us while we head-banged during guitar solos.

We use to play violin and cello together,
Sibelius was your favorite because the classics were important too.

We'd go bike riding together until sunset,
And sit out in baseball field and talk about life.

The rays of the sun made your hair look like gold,
and I'd wish I could be as beautiful as you.

I could tell you anything and everything,
I trusted you completely.

Then one day I lost you,
And I was never the same again.

Words will never convey how much I miss you,
I will never get over losing you.