Part One

"Do you understand why we're expelling you, Aiden?" Principle Washington asked, his hands clasped on his desk. He appeared neat, his tie perfectly straight, his hair not a strand out of place, his face shaved without any cuts. His desk was just as clean, the pencils and pens arranged side by side, his papers sitting exactly on top of one another.

Truthfully, I understood. I didn't like it and I thought it was a horrible reason but I understood. It was policy, county policy. They couldn't not follow it.

"You're depriving me of an education." I said flatly.

"You're subjecting all of the student body to your... sexuality."

"How about all of the straight kids that make out in the hallways or have sex in the bathroom stall or in the gym when no one's looking? Is that going to be taken are of?"

"It was already dealt with, Aiden." Principle Washington said, narrowing his eyes at me. He knew I had him. A year ago, a couple, notorious for public displays of affection, were caught having sex in the gym. The most they got was a few days suspension.

I was getting expelled for being gay.

"This isn't fair and you know it."

"Clean out your locker and leave, Aiden. I'll be calling your mother later."

"Make sure you tell her that my sexuality was just so abundant that it caused students to throw up just by hearing my name said aloud." I got to my feet and left his office before he could say another word. The halls were bare as most of the students were in class.

I made my way to my locker and stared at the contents. I wanted to trash the books, to leave such a mess that the janitor would have to tape my locker shut because it was so abused. But I knew they'd charge us for the damage and I didn't want to pay them any money.

I grabbed my journal and a magnet about how stressed spelled backward was desserts. Still on the door of the locker was a picture of Lucas and I from the night we went to the top of Ridge Hill for the first time. We were so happy then.

I pulled it down and removed the tape from the back of it. I pulled my phone from the back pocket of my jeans and took a picture of it. I sent it to Lucas with the caption: I may be expelled from school but you'll never be expelled from me.

As I was closing the door, my phone screen lit up.

Expelled? For doing what?

Loving you.

Damn. Now I need to make it up to you. Be at your house at 4.

I stuck my phone back into my pocket and walked out the doors to the student parking lot. I got into my car and stared at the building. It was a good school to be at; the best in the county. I just wasn't good enough for it.