Lord, I wish to create that which does not exist. To breathe life into a world of my own making with just the power of the written word. Please, give me the focus to bring it to colorful, vibrant, illustrious life. To form the landscape of my realm. Whether it be barren wastes of frozen tundra; or muggy, tropical mountain peaks blanketed by either a starry night, or a blistering morning with as many suns my cerebral universe can withstand.

Grant me the foresight into my characters' hearts, desires, minds, and souls so that I may weave the most perfect of tales from them - be they villainous or virtuous. Give me the courage to make lovely antagonists and feared protagonists. To make their allies and foes complex, diverse, and equivocal.

God, please, I pray to you to bestow upon me powerful, captivating, enticing lore full of rich, dynamic storytelling. Lore that will make others pray for more, indulging themselves so full with my story, that when it all ends, they themselves will wish to create as well, either in that world or their very own.

This is all I pray for. This is what I live for. Amen.

(A/N: I am one-hundred-and-ten percent Christian, but this prayer is for any writer who needs it - no matter what you believe. We all, sometimes, need help in writer's block, storytelling, character development, or just to believe that we are STILL writers! No matter what you are dealing with, or what religion you are, I hope this helps you in some way to create fantastic, wonderful stories. As is the moniker of this site: let the words flow.)