Chapter 10 of 10

Right now I feel like the dumb bitch heroine at the end of her fake American movie. She meets her perfect man (and doesn't grab for him desperately cause the bitch obviously has better options than a gay man), then she goes through the movie's complication, climax and end. The happy ending, the sun setting gold on the horizon. Everything is right, well, and the primary goal of life is achieved. Happiness. Life is a game, and the aim of the game is either wealth, true love or happiness. Although happiness is generally the cause of the previous two.

I was born, I watched some movies and I knew what I wanted from life. Then my life came at me with the complication – wham – you're gay and this is how the world works. But I'm a romantic, I wasn't going to give up so easily. I'm also a fighter, a warrior. I stepped up to the plate and looked at my story's complication right in the eye, I beat the system and managed to take what's mine. The climax of my story was probably those first few months when I had to wait for Seth to stop fighting and just give in to me. Now is the ending of the movie, and I'm the star. It's me.

The movie is ending, but my life is only beginning. From this point onward I'll enjoy the fruits of success and happiness. It actually feels like I'm the star of a movie. Seth Boughton fits in perfectly with those air-brushed celebrities in my opinion, and kissing him good morning on the way across the college campus feels so much like a scripted scene that it's uncanny.

I'm actually… happy. Really really happy. I feel at peace. I'm not proud of everything I've done, but it was so very necessary in the end. I could've neglected my own wants and put the happiness of everyone else first… but I guess in the end I was too strong-willed for that. Gay people never get what they really want, so this still feels like a just victory to me.

Throughout all his confusion and depression, Seth and I stayed strong and pulled through our final year of school together. It had its ups and downs, but doesn't every relationship? I lost my friends and had to sit alone because everyone thought I was a weirdo. Also I think I intimidate people. Something to do with my aura. The girls I used to sit with are terrified of me, they look quickly away when we passed in the school corridors and hurried off. I could feel their fear but I couldn't be bothered fucking with them. They weren't going to tell Seth after what I said to them. I can't be bothered fucking with anyone actually, I have what I want and I'm a much better person now than when I killed that fat boy Jeremy.

I no longer hate the world. I'm happy, polite and I've made lots of friends at the college I now attend.

The college me and Seth attend. Ahhh swoon. I had the marks to get in while he passed on a soccer scholarship. The college takes part in the state championship, which is much more competitive than high school sport. The auditorium is huge and the whole school and half the town watches my boyfriend as he runs across the huge green field, lithe and strong, a modern day gladiator. I'm dating a superstar. Back in high school after Seth said he loved me he wanted to hang out all the time, he ended up losing all his friends as well. We stayed a secret but everybody knew the rumours – Troy Henderson and Seth Boughton – I loved that.

Currently we don't live in the same dormitory but Seth comes to my room all the time and sleeps over. At night I can feel the demons touching me, I dream of them too. Seth has commented that things seem to move around and that he's seen strange shadows by the bed. I verbally disregard what he says as much as I can, but when he pushes the point I just say: yeah I suppose it is weird huh?

There are a lot more kids at the college and a lot more gay students too. They can pick me out with my dyed hair and the way I stand and walk, but they are disbelieving when they hear that Seth is my boyfriend. Girls throw themselves at the sexy soccer star, but he ignores them cause he looooooves me. Go fuck any of the other hot soccer players you desperate sluts. This one is mine. If the girls all want Seth, the gay guys obsess over him. Getting all moony-eyed. Some simply never stop denying it, they get him in conversation and still can't believe he's not straight. He's just so blaringly not-gay. They might think: maybe he was raised in a laboratory and kept away from anything feminine? Maybe there's some kind of bizarre quirk to his brain? Or perhaps: maybe it's magic?

While Seth pursues health and fitness to become a personal trainer I'm not concretely set on my major. It didn't immediately occur to me that I could use another spell to attract wealth, maybe strike up a deal with a higher class demon in exchange for my soul or whatever. Money doesn't concern me at the moment, not so much. Plus the demons are ever-present in my awareness and bothersome as it is, but it's still a worthy trade for what I got in return.

Seth looks great, better than ever. He was neglecting the gym at first to spend more time with me, but I convinced him to keep up his training. He's stopped being so weirded out by the fact I have a penis, and he's touched it a few times before I just told him to stop. Seeing Seth do things with my penis might ruin the straight-boy perception of him that I have in my mind, and I can't have that. He's a fine product and I wouldn't have him waste. True to form, as a straight guy he can't dress himself in anything better than sports clothes. So when we go to parties and I get to show him off, I buy him nice clothes and dress him well.

We don't have sex every day but at least twice a week. However I do suck him off every day and it hasn't got boring. I love it when he lies back and relaxes after I've made him something to eat, puts his hands behind his head and I just suck his cock for a good hour until he cums (I still swallow). Or I'll do it while he plays video games over my head just for that extra challenge. I doubt a woman would have done all this for him. I never nag and Seth seems to have accepted things as they are, he looks truly happy as well.

Who knows how long this will last? Either way, I'm determined to do whatever it takes to maintain it. Back in the early days I had to watch out for Seth's physical safety as well. When he got drunk that first night after we talked at Pete's Pizza Place I had to sneak onto his friend's property to put him into the recovery position after he passed out. Seth probably figured it was his idiot friend that saved his life but no. I had to do it plenty of other times after as well.

Seth is just so wonderful – I'm both envious and understanding when the other gays, lesser creatures, look at him and are licking him all over in their minds.

I love Seth. We are just like any other couple. We've got used to the other's personality and quirks. I now know what Seth finds funny, interesting and I know his pet peeves too. When he gets frustrated about something I yield and say 'let's do it your way'. When he gets bored I think of ways to get him excited again. I'm a submissive that thrills off worshiping him. Sometimes Seth will shake his head in wonder at my frequent small gestures of servitude.

"You're so good to me." He says.

"You deserve it."

And I deserve this as well.

End of Story