"Rowan: An extremely quiet girl who likes to spend her time in the library, reading. She enjoys being by herself, and makes an average B+. She is smart.

Sasha: A ribbon dancer at a local dance studio. An average C student. Views the world through spoiled, rose-colored glasses.

Seanna: A cheerleader. Likes to bitch. An average D- student. Ditsy.

Garrett: An unusually intelligent jock. Likes to have a girlfriend who dotes on him. An A student. Very observant.

Benjamin: Likes to read, and is very soft spoken. Average C+ student. Likes to watch tv shows with his family.

Ephraim: Works on his family's farm. Makes good grades - usually B's and C's. Has strong muscles." She reads monotonously to him. The man taps his lips with his pipe, seeming to be thoughtful. "And the extra?"

"Claire. Is very spunky and kicks calves. A lot. Makes A's and A-'s. The occasional A+. Loves to read mystery books, and any good book she can get her hands on. Loves to watch tv, especially crime shows. Her favorites include Monk, Leverage, Psych, Castle, and Limitless. Is very intuitive."

He looks thoughtful as he processes this. "A good mix . . ." He drawls. She nods. "We pick only the best."

"But which one will we chose?"

"I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," she responds quietly.

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