Chapter 5: The Kardashians Are In Town

Cara Bingley's P.O.V.

Cara was not having a good day. For starters, Helen Weisman a.k.a. the bitch incarnate, took it upon herself to confront Cara about Adam. Adam was part of the tight-knit group of friends that composed of her brother, Charlie, Will and a couple of the most popular guys in the school.

These guys have been coming over her house for years, which led to the her close relationship with all of her brother's friends. This also led to Cara being alienated by the other girls in the school as they created nasty rumors about how she slept with all of the guys. Most of the few female friends she did have, all left her until she only had the guys left.

Now, Adam had just broken up with Helen in the classic "It's not you. It's me," excuse. And, bitch incarnate took that as "I've fallen madly in love with Cara."

It was only the morning, and she was sitting in the principal's office for getting into a cat fight with Helen. Even though Cara was just defending herself when Helen just got a little too close to her face. The principal didn't think that it was enough an excuse, so Cara is stuck with detention that is totally going to get in the way of her fencing meet.

If that didn't ruin her day enough, Forst called her over for a sec after class ended and told her that she needs to bring her grades up cause she's dangerously close to failing.

Cara Bingley was not in the greatest of moods once lunch started, but she thought that she could at least escape her hellish day by spending the next thirty minutes joking around with the guys.

More importantly, she could spend some quality time with Will, while getting some help for math. Cara has had the longest crush on Will ever since they were in the same kindergarten class, but she was too prideful to ever confess to him. And, Will always seemed to be dating some other girl. This was the last couple of months of high school that she'd ever spend with him, and Cara was determined to finally go out with him.

After grabbing a salad for lunch, Cara walks up to the lunch table only to see two female strangers sitting with her idiot guy friends and her even more idiotic brother.

"What is up my fair maiden?" Billy asked her. It has always been a very well known secret that Billy had the biggest crush on Cara.

"Shut up, Billy," she said without any malice and asked, "where's my seat?" After her very shitty morning, she felt a sting of betrayal to see that the friends she supports seemed to forget to hold a seat even for her.

"There's a chair at the table right next to us," Charlie pointed, but Cara glared at her twin brother. She examined the girl right next to him.

Preppy, big eyes, and love the nail polish, Cara mentally concludes as she also notes to ask her what nail polish she's wearing. Cara also assumed that this was Charlie's newest crush as he kept stealing glances at her when he thought no one else was looking. He would always treat his newest crush much nicer than his own flesh and blood.

"Why don't you sit here? I'll go get the chair," the girl offered her seat and went to get the chair. The other girl right next to her didn't even seem the least bit interested in Cara's presence, which annoyed her. Who did this bitch think she was? This girl was skinny (probably skinnier that her) with perfect relaxed silver curls (damn her beautiful hair) and just all out looked like she was out of an Instagram picture.

She knew right away that she didn't like these two girls.

"Oh, thanks. You're so nice," Cara said with a practiced smile and sits right in between Charlie and Jane. Charlie did not look happy at all by the new seating arrangement.

"My name's Cara," Cara introduced herself, "Let me excuse my idiot brother. He's terrible at introductions."

Charlie immaturely blew a raspberry at her, which made Jane giggle. Cara resisted the urge to gag at these two lovebirds.

"My name's Jane. This is my sister Liz. She's a junior," Jane said friendly. Jane seemed friendly enough, but Cara couldn't trust her one bit. After all, it was always the nice ones that always end up hurting you the most.

"Hey," Cara greeted Liz coldly, which Liz responded with her own nonchalant greeting.

Cara already knew that she would never get along with Liz.

With these two new girl encroaching on her territory, there was no way that Cara would ever bring up the topic about math help to Will.

"So, what brings you guy to our neck of the woods in the middle of the year?" Billy asked the girls.

"We moved cause of our dad's job," Jane explained simply.

"Where are you guys from?" Cara asked.

"The city," Liz smirked condescendingly.

City girls. No wonder they were so fashionable.

"Man, how are you guys liking the Jersey suburbs?" Charlie asked.

"It's nice, but I don't like how we have to drive everywhere to get around," Jane scrunched her nose at the thought.

"You guys don't have your licenses?" Cara asked them.

Both of the two girls shook their heads.

Everyone got their licenses the moment they turned seventeen. It was the first taste of sweet freedom that no teenager could ever resist.

"It's not a big deal. If you guys ever need a ride, you could ask," Charlie offered.

Cara glared at her twin brother who she shared the car with. Who was he to offer rides to his crush of the day when she needed the car too?

As Jane was busy having a conversation with Charlie, Cara looked over to Will who looked very uncomfortable sitting right next to to Liz.

"What's got your panty in a twist?" Cara asked before she realized what she said. She cursed herself for never thinking before she spoke because Cara just wanted there to finally be development between the two of them. Cara could never be upfront with her feelings, and she knows how Will is actually very awkward around girls.

"I don't wear panties," Will grumbled in a very grumpy mood.

"Could've fooled me," Liz mumbled.

Will immaturely repeated her words back at her with a high-pitched, mocking voice. This was very strange to Cara cause Will is usually only that comfortable with guys and her.

"Jane!" a mysterious girl called for Jane's attention.

"Lydia! Katie!" Jane greeted them with a smile. Will groaned internally at having his peaceful lunch being interrupted by giddy underclassmen.

"We were just looking for you and Liz until we saw you sitting over here," the girl with short hair that went from blonde to blue said with glittering eyes.

"Yeah, Charlie," Jane glanced over to him, "invited me to his table."

"I didn't know you made so many friends already," Charlie said.

"Oh, we're not friends," the other girl with long blonde wavy hair giggles. This girl is one of the tallest girls that Cara has ever met. She's probably close to 6' feet with an athletic build.

"We're Jane's sisters," the short girl said. "My name's Lydia, and this is Kate. I'm a freshman, and she's a sophomore."

Cara could tell the family resemblance instantly. The two younger Bennets had the same blonde hair as Jane, but they both had the same mischievous expression that reminded him of Liz. Cara wondered if all city girls were this stylish. Compared to their older sisters, the younger sisters seemed a lot more frivolous as they whispered amongst each other through girly giggles.

"I didn't know you had more sisters," Cara said to Jane.

"Yeah, we have an even younger sister. She's five," Jane blushed.

"It's like we have the whole Karsashian clan here," Cara laughed to herself, which causes the other guys to chuckle with her.

"Oh, that's what people used to always compare us to," Lydia said, unfazed by Cara's comments and sat on the chair where Liz sat.

"It must be fun to have so many siblings," Charlie said.

Kate opened her mouth to say something, but Lydia beat her to it.

"There's never a dull moment, but you should see us fight for the bathroom in the morning. It's like a nightmare," Lydia said dramatically.

The bell rings loudly to signal the end of lunch.

As Cara threw out her half-eaten salad (she wished she got french fries instead), she saw Will talking to the silly Bennett sisters. What could he possibly be talking to them about?

When he comes back to the table to get his backpack, Cara asked him casually, "What we you talking to them about?"

"I was just asking Kate if she wanted to join the basketball team," he shrugged.

"Oh, that's cool," Cara said and then gathered her courage to ask him, "You know you're my best friend, right?"

"What do you want?" Will said in a mock annoyed tone, but she could see his trademark smirk peek through, which caused butterflies to flutter in her stomach.

"So, could you please, please, please help me with math?" Cara begged and flashed her best pout.

Will rolled his eyes and sighed, "5:00. Shane's, and you owe me dinner."

Sure. Cara would've preferred not paying for dinner, but beggars can't be choosers.

"It better be reasonably priced," Cara said.

"See you later," Will smiled and went to his next class.

"See you later," Cara repeated and went to her next class with the biggest smile on her face.

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