It crazy how even though you thought you left someone in your past, they always seem to reappear.

But theres always a reason for that.

I know you've always read so much about how i blamed you.

I've been meaning to right this for sometime but i've been pushing it off.

But i have to take care of it now.

I'm sorry for blaming you for the way our relationship ended.

I just truly loved you and you just couldn't see so i was angered.

I blamed everything on you and that was it.

Even though you probably already know in your mind i had some part in it, i'm being a man about it.

I played a big part in our break up also.

And i'm sorry for the way it ended.

I want you to know even if you read this or not, just know that i hope your dad is doing way better, and that you are also doing good for yourself.

Memories never go away but they can be forgotten.