5. And I thought it was dramatic before

Less than a week later the reds and Catherine with twelve other trusted supernaturals as well as six agents set off for Greece.

And all that happiness from before seemed to float away as I felt my nerves build.

What if they got out? What if my anti-violence spell didn't hold up? What if Pandora turned up?

My nightmares which had started to calm down a little were bad, maybe even worse than before, I was waking up two three times a night, and me and Alex were both exhausted.

"Ugh" I groaned, "I really don't feel like going." I grumbled leaving the house.

"Welcome to my world." Jaime exclaimed.

I smiled weakly, not even finding the energy to laugh.

"I need Caffeine."

"You just had two mugs of coffee."

"I need more Caffeine." I corrected.

"One of those nights?" Carmen asked.

Me and Alex both nodded, "It's been worse recently I think it's because I'm worried about Greece."

"They'll be fine." She reassured, "Your magic always holds."

"I know but-"

"but nothing, it'll be fine."

I sighed, nodding and walking into the school.

"God, I'm tired."

"Me too." Alex murmured.

I looked at him guiltily,

"Not your fault." He whispered gently.

"Yeah, it kind of is." I replied.

"No it's hers" He clenched his fist "And when I get my hands on her..."

"Somebody's grouchy this morning." Jaime sung.

"You haven't seen it."

Thinking back on it, what happened next was all his fault he bloody jinxed me. AGAIN.

The first two periods were a battle to stay awake, luckily they were things I was actually interested in, Maths and English. But when third period came around, and it was Physics I was gone. Half way through his explanation on how to calculate the direction of vectors and I was fast asleep.

My memories were like a playlist just going round and round, all those people. Then it started again, all that pain my body was on fire.

"Elly it's time to wake up." I knew that voice but it wasn't the soothing voice I had been waking up to recently.

It was all a dream, they weren't real, Jaime, Carmen, Alex, the agents none of it was real. Pandoras voice whispered in my ear. They're all dead and it's all your fault, everyone dead, and it was for you, all so I could get you. And now the pains coming. I'm going to hurt you Elly and there is nothing you can do about it.

She always said that, she always woke me up and told me there was nothing I could do about the pain. Why did she always say that?

So I did the only thing I could think to do I freaked out, I wasn't just scared I was angry, so I screamed and punched wildly.

I could hear other voices around me, voices I didn't quite know. I felt somebody grab me from behind, restraining me and I tried to scream louder but sobs were breaking it up .

I was waiting for the pain to come but it never did, and then I heard a voice I did recognise.

"What the hell are you doing? Don't restrain her, you idiots."

The people behind me let go, and I turned ready to knock them out.

"Elly, don't." Alex's voice whispered, "Your fine, it was just a nightmare, I promise. You're at school, you fell asleep, no wonder it's physics. "

I finally stopped seeing everything in flashes, and Alex's face appeared in front of me. I collapsed into his arms started uncontrollably sobbing.

After a few minutes, I whimpered. "Can we get up, I'm sick of everyone staring at us."

I felt him nod, as he let go of me, standing up and pulling me up with him.

That's when I noticed Mr. Banner, rubbing his already Blue face.

"Did I…"

The teacher nodded before wincing.

"I am so sorry! I just, oh my god." I held my head in my hands.

"Hey we all wanted to do it." A surprising voice said, it was Tasha.

My head snapped to up to look at her.

"That is true." Jaime agreed finally snapping out of her shock.

"Jaime!" Carmen hissed.

I stared at them, torn between laughing and crying. I looked at Alex who was stood glaring at the teacher.

Suddenly the headmistress came charging into the room.

I looked towards her and realised this was it, she was going to get rid of me.

"What happened in here? I heard over the intercom that something was going on in here."

I looked at her, "Over the intercom?" I asked.

"Yes Natasha said something about Alex coming here immediately I assumed something must be the matter."

"That was you?" I asked her.

Natasha, my enemy for the longest time just shrugged in front of me.

For the first time I looked all the way around me, there were two people, who were clearly Jocks flexing their fingers.

"And you two were the ones that grabbed me?" I asked.

They nodded before one of them said, "You're bloody strong as well."

I looked apologetically at them before turning back to the headmistress.

"I uh, I fell asleep and sort of freaked out."

"And Mr. Banner?"

"I uh, mistook him for someone else."

Mrs. Moore sighed rubbing her forehead. "Anybody else hurt any students?" She asked.

Everyone shook their heads, "Alright, Elly, Alex, Mr. Banner my office."

We all silently walked there it wasn't far and when we got there she closed the door behind us and turned to me.

"Any explanation as to what happened?"

"I-uh- I get these flashbacks, nightmares, and when I wake up sometimes I think I'm still there and I freak out like that." I motioned to Mr. Banner's face. Honestly it was a miracle I hadn't used my magic.

"It was his fault!" Alex exclaimed, "I mean she was clearly in the middle of a nightmare you are well aware of what happened to her and you still woke her up, and then you restrained her, what the bloody hell did you think would happen!"


"No he's right, I was stupid, I didn't even think this was my fault."

"I punched you!"

"I know you have a mean right hook by the way."

I stared at him for a minute. What?

"Well I really don't know what to do; any suggestions Mr. Banner?"

"Yes, an off the record one day suspension," He turned to me, "Get some sleep."

"That seems like a good, idea." The headmistress looked at me, "Effective immediately for both of you."

I frowned and nodded.

We left the room, as the bell rang. We walked back to Mr. Banners classroom as I tried to ignore the stares. It didn't help that I was walking with a teacher with a face double the size as normal. I picked up my bag, "I'm really sorry." I repeated to him.

He shook his head smiling lightly as we walked out of the classroom.

We walked behind the school and I flashed us home.

Before silently starting to make my way upstairs, I felt him grab my arm turning me around "You promised you wouldn't do this."

"Do what?"

"Block us all out! You're upset, but you won't admit it!"

"I'm not upset!"

"The hell you aren't!"

"I'm embarrassed ok!" I screeched, "I just had a mental break down in front of the entire class!"

"It's ok." Alex whispered, "everybody understands."

"You see that's exactly the problem they all think they understand or at least the pretend to and they don't! None of this is ok! The fact I punched Mr. Banner is not ok, the fact I'm still having these nightmares, is not ok." I pulled up my shirt a bit, "And the fact I still have this gash is not ok!"

I was panting now from all my yelling. Alex's eyes softened and he took my shirt and pulled it back down gently his knuckles grazing my exposed stomach, "Yes it is, because all of those things will fade and Pandora will pay, you hear me. No question about it she will pay!"

I sighed and hugged him. "I'm sick of feeling weak." I murmured.

"Did you hear those guys today, you are far from weak Elly, and may I remind you that I still have a huge bruise on my side."

I laughed a bit.

"Go to sleep Elly."

I nodded walking upstairs.

Walking into school on Friday was difficult, suddenly I was an exhibition again. Whispers were following me everywhere and Mr. Banners face was still blue. I ignored them all or at least tried to, that was until my second break, when Jayce came running up to me panting.

"You are needed outside, now."

"Why? What happened?" Jaime said stood beside me

"Alex. Jack was mouthing off about you. He freaked out, I can't stop him." He gulped still panting, " You and Charlotte are the only ones who have ever managed to stop him when he was like this."

How often does this happen?

I looked at my two friends, before running. All three of us were well aware of Alex's temper, he keeps things bottled in so when he blows, he blows.

Sure enough there by the football field was Alex, with Jack pinned against a wall.

"Do you have any idea" Punch, "What that girl has been through?" Punch. "To make a joke like that." Punch, "You sick." Punch, "Son of a"

"ALEX!" I yelled, "Stop it." He ignored me.

Punch, Punch, knee in the stomach.

"Alex, you're going to kill him!" I screeched.


I tried putting a hand on his shoulder. But he just shrugged it off.

I needed to distract him but nothing I usually did was working. So I did the first thing I could think of.

I grabbed his shoulder twisting a little, before clutching his face and pulling him so his face level to mine. Then I kissed him.

I watched his eyes widen before his body relaxed and he turned to face me properly.

My hands were still on his face from where I had turned his head. But as his moved to my waist it stopped being about distracting him and more about him. Alex my protector, the guy who was always there, who never gave up on me and always managed to make me laugh. I finally understood why people went on and on about your first kiss, for the first time in my life I was only thinking about one thing. Or the many, many things Alex seemed to being doing at once. The movement of his weirdly soft yet chapped lips against mine, the subtle tightening and stroking of his fingers at my waist. His chest against mine, his soft hair between the tips of my fingers.

As we broke a part Alex leaned his head against mine and I whispered. "Damn it Alex I wanted to prove girls and boys could be just friends!"

He breathed a laugh, "Tough."

And that was it we didn't need a long gag worthy conversation we had reached an understanding.

"Don't look now, but Jaime is doing a victory dance."

I laughed, "Of course she is." I turned to her, "Do you mind?" I asked.

"Ha, I told you! In your face, let it be known I have been saying this would happen from day one!"

"If you are all done someone help me." A weak voice said from behind me. "Get a teacher."

I turned to glare at him. I was about to say something when I was interrupted by Natasha, "Why I didn't see anything. Did anyone else?"

She asked, there was an uneasy silence before everyone shook their heads. "Word of advice next time you want to mouth off about Elly, don't do it in front of the people that love her."

I grinned a little bit at that, "Especially not when she has me behind her."

"I'll just go to the principle myself."

"Oh? And show her what?" Carmen asked

"You think it's not going to bruise?" He sneered.

"Oh I know it won't." Alex said. Both his voice and his face screamed smug.

"And none of you are going to tell a teacher?" Jack asked, getting up.

"It was a low blow." Jayce answered, "You deserved it, just be thankful Elly got here, otherwise I'm not sure you would be alive."

Truthfully neither was I. And as much as I didn't want Alex to get in trouble, this made me uneasy.

I turned on my heel and the crowd of cheerleaders and footballers surrounding us all split allowing me and Alex through.

"You put a spell on him didn't you?" He whispered in my ear.

I let a small grin, "He'll feel most of the pain for a few days but physically he's fine."

"You're awesome!"

"I know. You on the other hand need to control your temper."

Charlotte and dad had very different reactions to the new developments with mine and Alex's relationship. Charlotte squealed, and ran up to us almost knocking us both over with a huge hug, whereas Dad just sighed giving us both a stern look and muttering something that sounded suspiciously like "I'm too old for this."

"Soooo, did you talk?" I was sat cross legged in my pyjamas phone pressed tightly against my face as Jamie asked this.

I couldn't help but grin "About what Jams? I think we made everything pretty clear."

"Yeah in front of the whole school." She giggled, "Literally just like a movie. I seriously hate you right now, it was so cute."

"Hey I'm as happy as Jams over there but I dunno I figured you'd be freaking out a bit isn't this complicated."

Ahhh Carmen ever the voice of reason. She was right this is supposed to be complicated.

"I guess. It should be right? But I dunno it's like… I don't have it in me to complicate things this time. I don't want to over analyse it. 'Cas it's Alex, and maybe it is selfish what with social services, and maybe it is some kind of warped sense of gratitude towards each other or a comrades bond, but it doesn't feel like it you know? I don't know why- I mean he's obviously fit but it's more than that. It's every cheesy cliché and maybe it will end bad but… after everything we've survived I don't think that will make a dent. I just think I need this, and to hell with every god damn reason I shouldn't do it."

Silence. Followed by another beat of Silence, followed by an outrageously high pitched squeak and a giggle.

I laughed, "OW! Jamie that was way too high."

She snorted "That wasn't me. Blame Carmen this time."


"I'm sorry but that was so cute, god you would get an amazing werewolf bodyguard to fall in love with. You never did get me that hot vampire."

I giggled- actually giggled for like the billionth time today. He was making me soft.

"You guys don't think this is incestuous do you? Because it doesn't feel incestuous Charlotte feels like my little sister but he has never felt like my brother."

"No of course not and don't worry if social services want to interfere they'll have to go through us." I could hear the smile not to mention the determination in Jamie's voice.

"Fuck that Jamie, they come for them and I'm setting your boyfriend and his mind control on them."

"Carmen swearing!" I gasped dramatically just as Jamie protested.

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"Your octave tells us differently."

"He's NOT! He's just a friend. And you are one to talk, how is Jayce by the way? Did we tell you Elly? About Carmen's little snog fest with him about 2 months before you came back. Obviously she wasn't emotionally stable enough to be in a relationship then but I'm thinking now…"

"That was months ago! He's probably dating some cheerleader rake by now."

"Nahhh I think he's into your Spanish curves"

I wish I could say that the nightmares stopped that night, but unfortunately I don't live in a fairy tale, so I still had them, but for the first time since my fourteenth birthday, I felt safe when I woke up.

Monday morning came too soon, as I woke up far too early.

"Hello all." Jaime grinned coming into the kitchen.

"How was your weekend?" She asked wriggling my eyebrows.

I shook my head rolling my eyes.


"I resent that!" Alex exclaimed.

"Shut up, Alex."

He huffed, "some girlfriend you are."

I internally squealed at the word girlfriend. Carmen noticed my sudden grin and raised her eyebrows at me in that not so cool and collected now sort of way I shrugged.

We left the house soon after that. My hand intertwined with Alex's as I walked into school. The whispers followed me, but I just rolled my eyes and kept talking to my friends.

Lunch came incredibly slowly so when the bell finally rang I jumped up impatiently waiting for Jaime to put her stuff away.

She laughed at me, and I smiled.

"Aww you're so impatient, because you want to see Alex because you love him."

"What's this?" Carmen asked from behind me.

"Oh this one has been fidgeting for the last hour to come see Alex."

"Or I'm hungry."

"With the amount you ate this morning? I doubt it." Carmen smiled.

"Look there's Alex."

She pointed ahead of me and sure enough there he was walking towards me- us grinning.

Once he reached us I smiled pecking him on the cheek as he wrapped his arm around me.


"Hiya. I am starving."

"Right!?" I exclaimed.

"You two had like a buffet for breakfast!"

We both stared at her, "So?"

"You lot are going to be old and grey and fat with seven kids the size of houses."

I turned bright red and hit Jaime.

"We started dating all of two days ago." Alex pointed out.

"Oh, so you're saying you're not going to marry me and grow old and have seven kids?"


"So you aren't happy with just dating me."

"No! I mean yes-I mean-"

I laughed and pecked him on the cheek, "I love messing with you."

He sighed with relief, and the four of us walked into the cafeteria. We sat down at our usual table and started to talk about our weekends. Alex leaned over to kiss me and I sighed happily, that was until I heard "Oh god there kissing, that is so gross!"

"I know it's incest blurgh."

"It's probably because she was kidnapped, like it's mentally damaged her."

"Maybe the police were right about him."

What? Right about what?

I broke away from him and turned in my chair to glare at the girls. "Do you mind?" I asked loudly, "Only I'm trying to eat my lunch in peace but the vicious aura coming off you is kind of distracting me."

This got everyone's attention.

"Excuse me?"

"It's rude to gossip and it's idiotic to talk about things you don't know anything about. Alex here isn't my brother, he wasn't even adopted by my dad that means it isn't incest genius." I sneered. "And another thing, what they did to me has nothing to do with my relationship with Alex you can ask anyone."

"It's true, ask her dad."

"Or my sister"

"Or either of us"

"Yeah I've said it from day one."

"Or his mum"

"Or my aunt"

"Or me." Natasha spoke up.

"Or his social worker."

"Or Isobel"

"Or Carmen's family"

"Or Jaime's family"

"Yes, yes, we get it everyone except the pair of us guessed." I sighed.

"Uh excuse me I cottoned on way before you, your just slow" Alex teased.

"And yet I made the first move." I taunted.

I glanced at him with a smile before turning back to them.

"So enough with the bull theories ok? Or does anyone else have more to say?" Alex finished.

There was a few seconds of silence before a boy a few tables away asked.

"Quite honestly yes."

"Ethan," a girl beside him hissed.

"No, let him finish." I interrupted, "Ethan."

"Look I really don't care about you and what's his face, I'm sure you are very cute and not incestuous or whatever. I'm more worried about why you've been gone two years. I know it must have been horrible and everything but you haven't told anybody anything, I mean what happens if it happens to one of us?"

My table clenched their fists.

"Chill. They're scared it's understandable, they don't know why I was taken and therefore anyone of them could be next." I murmured soothingly, "It won't."

"But how do you know!" Ethan snapped.

I sighed. "What's your friends name?"


"The girl sitting beside you the one that tried to stop you talking, what's her name?"

He furrowed his eyebrows "Chloe."

"How long have you known her?"

"A few months. What does this have-"

"Name five things about her."

"What? Why?"

"Look it's not hard, five things about Chloe."

"I don't know, she's an aspiring actress, two brothers, what is this for?"

"Come on likes dislikes."

"I don't know likes peanut butter, hates video games, and dogs."

"Right ok, hold up any notebook, open"

"Why? What does this have to do with anything?"

Alex was smirking beside me, "You'll see."

"Fine, fine whatever."

"Ok you're smart, precise, but this works too easy for you. You have hayfever, and probably an older sibling a high achiever by the looks of it, Chloe's a close friend even though you've only known her a couple of months, and you don't care about social perimeters."

He stared at me his eyes wide

"That's seven things, and I've known you all of five minutes. So imagine spending almost two years around all of two people and imagine you were me, don't you think you would have picked up on something? Trust me there done. And on the off chance they aren't, they aren't coming for any of you. So can I please finish my lunch?"

I didn't wait for an answer as I turned back to my friends.