Prologue: The Past and Present

Three weeks. Three damn weeks I have been contained in this cell. On that day, I was labelled a traitor. Everyone I had ever known and loved turned their backs today. Three weeks ago, my life changed forever.

Since the beginning, there have been mortals. Since the beginning, there have been magic. Since the beginning, there have been monsters. Most prominent of these monsters were dragons, mighty beasts of the elements and the skies that have lived as far back as the ancient times of the land. When mortals began to congregate the lands, they were introduced to the dangers of this world's magic, the most dangerous of all were the demons of the Underworld who attempted to enslave mankind.

The dragons, taking pity on the mortals, fought in their defense. Slowly but surely, the demons were pushed back to their hell, and in return mortals were eternally grateful. Seven kingdoms were soon built within the large country of Patriam, and for centuries humans and dragons lived in united harmony. However, mortals, greedy as they are, soon began seeing the profit that could be made from dragons.

As the eldest of dragons began to wither away, their scales were discovered to be tougher than steel, and their blood containing unproportionate magic capabilities. Soon, mortals began hunting and poaching for these materials, and the dragons soon retaliated in defense. A civil war ensued between the dragons and mankind, both sides suffering losses of lives within the range of millions. The seven kingdoms allied themselves to fight against the retaliation, but as the war raged on, mortals began to gain more interests in the dragon's blood and power.

The kings then decided to change their motives: capture the dragons to have their magic harvested, or in better situations, controlled for themselves. Secretly utilizing their own versions of the dark magic that had been used by the demons, the dragons were contained, ensnared by enchanted chains, and tortured in underground dungeons until they complied.

For several years mortals had failed, and for several more those humans had researched ways to have the dragons controlled, or soothed to comply. Only very recently had they discovered the answer: Dragon Lords. These elite dragons who could take on a human form could make the remaining dragons of the world bow to their command, and commit to any deed against their morals. However, the war had brought the destruction of most of the Dragon Lords in battle, and with only a few remaining, the kingdoms desperately searched for one.

So, how does this involve me? What does the history of Patriam concern a little girl like me? Why do I reflect on this world's history when it is such a bore to other people to hear? Because I am one of the Dragon Lords, or rather, a Dragon Mistress.

To illustrate my predicament, I would first have to talk about my family, or more specifically, my parents. My mother was a Dragon Mistress, the female equivalent of the lords. She have lived for several years, and could only watch as the dragons she commanded fall in battle or were apprehended and tortured by the mortals. Rather than fighting back, she decided a new angle: a mutual peace agreement for dragons and humans. She decided to do this by proving, despite the wars, that dragons and humans could live peacefully as they had before.

Taking a human form of a high class noble, she began courting several men to work towards her intentions, and only one of them began truly loving her. This was my father, one of the seven kings of the Patriam. He rules Medietas, the center most kingdom, and was one of the main supporters in war, despising dragons. Despite this, Mother tried desperately to develop a relationship with him, and after nearly a decade, actually succeeded.

The new king and queen soon had a child, giving her the name of Echo. Being born of a dragon mother and a human father, I was considered, for lack of a better term, a half blood. From birth I was brought into my mother's fold of dragons, and soon became one of their own. My mother in the meanwhile deliberately distracted my father from his duties, leaving his men and the main attacking force of the allied kingdoms unattended and without direct commands. The other kings took notice of this and began to think that my father was turning soft since his marriage, or worse, had turned against them. To eliminate any chance of losing the most powerful ally of the war, they devised a devious yet simple plan: assassinate the king's family, and frame it on the dragons to force him to focus on the war.

Using again the dark magic of the Underworld, the mortals had manage to kill my mother and bring me to the brink of death. Had it not been for Father's intervention, I would have surely been killed. Seeing the true intentions the other kingdoms, Father broke apart from the alliance and directed his forces in the war towards the betraying kingdoms.

Most of the kingdoms fought back in defense, a select few actually attempted to ally themselves with my father. However it soon became apparent that the sheer number of people he was up against was to much to be handled, even with the power and magic he had at his disposal. He desperately looked for some kind of upper hand, and very recently, he had found it: me.

After Mother's death, I had inherited her powers as a Dragon Mistress, being her offspring. As such, I now was able to control the remaining dragons in the world, making them come to my beckon call or fight on my command. When I had learned of my power, my first command was to have the dragons to fall back and cease fire on the mortals, following through with Mother's dream. Without hesitation, they drew back, and all Father had to focus on was the civil war. However, in some way, somehow, my secret and mother's secret of dragon blood was revealed.

My mother's past, her intentions, and knowledge of my power as a Dragon Mistress was found and delivered to Father. Despite my expectations, Father was not outraged, angry, or emotional at all, rather he demanded that I summon the dragons to fight in the civil war. Staying true to Mother's word, I refused, and despite Father's appeals and demands I stood my ground. Then one day, three weeks ago, I was labelled a traitor against my father.

I was accused of conspiracy with the betraying kingdoms and was sentenced to life in prison at Enervus Castle. This was what the other kingdoms were led to believe, but the truth is that Father intends to keep me here until I am willing to work with him. For three weeks this has gone on. For three weeks he had left me to rot until I am willing to comply.

However, tonight I make my escape. Tonight is the night I escape from my father and his captivity. Tonight I begin my plan: to build an army to take down his own and, if possible, reunite peace with the remaining kingdoms. No matter how long it takes, no matter how much pain I must endure, I make this my mission to complete, or die trying.

Author's Note: Fixed a few grammatical errors (8/26/16), Chapter 1 will be out within the next week