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The Train Ride

They hated each other, and now they had to travel together for a work assignment; this would surely be the worst trip ever.

"Four freakin' hours" she grumbled to herself as she drove over to the train station.
She looked at the time; the train should be arriving in five minutes. She wanted to arrive precisely on time to avoid having to even look at Glenn; the walking turd. She couldn't understand why they had assigned them to go together; everyone in the office knew that they didn't get along. In her eyes he was the crowning douche king, and she had absolutely no qualms about letting him know how she felt to his face, and now they had to travel together, but that didn't mean that they had to sit together.

Surprisingly, the train had arrived early, and as soon as she saw people climbing on board, she ran as fast as she could behind the line. She looked around and there was no sign of Glenn anywhere, she laughed a little, hoping to God that he was running late and would miss the train. "That would show him," She chuckled, "The Jerk!"

Finally it was her turn to board; she placed her train ticket in her mouth before picking up her heavy bag and climbing the few steps up the train. The conductor smiled oddly at her as she set her heavy bag down and took the ticket out from between her teeth. "There you go, sorry about the drool stains there." She said as she tried to hastily wipe the saliva marks with her sleeve. The conductor tried his best to stifle a laugh, "Good morning ma'm oh and.. this is a business class ticket, those are automatically assigned so you're sitting in 12G, down the right ma'm."
She smiled and picked up her heavy bag, "Thank you sir", she made her way down, smiling broadly as she realized she had been the last passenger, maybe he had missed the train after all.

She arrived at 12G, maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. She looked up, ready to bid good morning to the person already sitting in 12H, "Good…. Oh dear God in heaven." She said as her face fell.

Glenn looked at the bag and then at her, "Hi Sam, running a bit late this morning are we? But that wouldn't be any different from any other day would it?"

"It's too early for this crap Glenn; can't you move somewhere else?"

"You heard the conductor, we have assigned seating." He said with the biggest smile as he patted the seat next to him. "You know you're secretly dying to sit next to me."

She sighed and walked down the aisle, "Conductor, conductor sir."

The smiling man turned around, "Mam? Any trouble finding your seat?"

"Oh, no trouble, it's just that, well, I was wondering; could I sit over in Coach?"

The man tilted his head to the side, "Might I ask why mam? The seats are much more comfortable in business class, you get more space to stretch out, and even the rest rooms are nicer."

Sam hesitated for a moment before replying, "I don't get along with the person I'm assigned to sit next to."

The conductor's eyebrows rose, "The thing is ma'am; Coach is fully booked so you'd have to sit there anyway. If anyone in Coach will give up a seat, I'll let you know."

She smiled, there was hope after all!

"Ok, thank you, I really appreciate it."

She walked back to her seat, not even looking over at Glenn as she tried to pick up her bag to put it up on the overhead, but it was so heavy it was proving to be quite difficult and she hated that he was there, watching her struggle.

"Looks like you brought along everything you own." he said with an amused grin.

"You know, if you were any kind of gentlemen you'd help me put this up."

He leaned back into his seat and stretched out his legs, "Big strong women like you don't need the help of a man."

"You're right; I'm probably stronger than you anyway." She said and she used all her strength to lift her bag and throw it on the overhead before she hastily took her seat, trying to inch as far away as possible from him.

"I knew you had it in you girl." He said with a wink.

She was about to come back with a reply but she looked down at his attire and immediately started laughing. "What the hell is that outfit you have on? Is that a cloak you're wearing?"

"Well, yes" He replied simply.

"Who the heck are you? Artemis the great? You gonna cast spells while we ride on the train oh great wizard?"

He looked directly into her eyes and she stilled for a moment, if he wasn't such a jerk, he would actually bit a little handsome, she had not quite noticed before the green in his hazel eyes.

"Little Sam.." He said as he patted her on the head, "We'll see if you're singing that same tune when the temperature drops later, and from what I see you have no sweater, or cardigan, or those crazy frappe wrap girly crap things you usually wear in the office to keep warm."

"I see you take really good notice of what I wear on a daily basis; that's not creepy at all."

He rolled his eyes, "Don't flatter yourself, I'm forced to see you every day, it's not like I have a choice."

She rolled over in her seat, her back facing him. "I'm going to sleep Glenn; hopefully I won't wake up until we're there."

"Yeah," He mumbled, "I hope so too." He said as his eyes did a slow run down of the curves on her body before he too faced the opposite side.

She woke, but not because of noise or because they had arrived; but because she was shivering cold.
She slowly opened her eyes, realizing that the bastard had been right, the temperature had dropped, and she had brought nothing to keep her warm.
She sat up slowly, making sure not to wake him. That was the last thing she needed because then that meant she'd have to talk to the man. She peered over at him and he was fast asleep, snuggled into his ridiculous looking black cloak. Her stare traveled from his body to his face, he really wasn't that bad looking, his sandy blonde hair stood out more on one end, probably because of the way his head had been placed against the seat and she had to admit that seeing him in this way was amusing. Her gaze then dropped down to the bottom of the cloak; it was long so she carefully picked up the end and draped it over her. She looked up again; making sure her movement had not woken him up. She smiled satisfactorily to herself as she snuggled into her seat and fell asleep again.

He couldn't understand why he was cold; the cloak should have kept him warm throughout the trip. He opened his eyes, careful to not make too much movement or he'd probably never hear the end of it from Sam, and lo and behold, she had somehow gotten a hold of his cloak and wrapped it almost completely on herself. Immediately he grabbed hold of his cloak and yanked as hard as he could, the feel the warm and secure material trying to be pulled away caused her eyes to shoot open instantly.

"Wha… We there yet?" She asked sleepily.

He leaned in so close to her she could feel his breath on her face as he said to her with emphasis: "GET. OFF. MY CLOAK."

"No way." She said as she wrapped it even more around her body.

"Confounded woman! At least share! It's…"

And they must have gone through a tunnel because the next thing they heard was the loud whistle of the train and then they were engulfed completely by darkness. It was pitch black, and neither one of them could see a thing. They had both gone silent for they were still half asleep, and still trying to grasp what had happened.

Sam suddenly felt warm lips descend on her own; it was soft, tentative, as if asking permission. Her mind screamed to pull back immediately, but her body had another agenda to follow apparently because she felt herself kiss back, and it was glorious. She felt his embrace and pulled herself closer as they both opened their mouths to delve into the kiss to its fullest potential. She felt the flutter in her stomach like never before, and it was immediately apparent to Sam that the man was extraordinarily skilled. She felt his hands caress down her arm, they'd separate for breath but then delve into the kiss over and over again; it was insanity, she should be pulling away, what the hell was she doing? And then the train whistled again, and darkness was lifted instantly.

The minute that light came back on the train, they separated from each other so quickly and so fast, that Sam almost fell off her seat.

They sat there in awkward silence for 5 minutes? An hour? She didn't know since it seemed like all track of time had gone out the window after that. Pretty soon they had arrived at their destination, and Sam awkwardly cleared her throat before getting up from her seat and already reaching up to get her bag but to her surprise, Glenn rose up and grabbed it before she could. Silently he lowered her bag, grabbed his and walked off the train without another word.

Sam stared at him, her mind going in fifty different directions… What now?