Cold. Numb. Shock. Even these simple words couldn't begin to describe the jabbing sensation much like a bullet wound knicking your heart. It wasn't supposed to be this way. One moment, you are being swept off your feet with the promises of forever. Almost like sweet nothings being cooed so lovingly, so falsely into your ear.

The next moment there is a lingering sensation of a dropped gut churning with bitterness. Your heart ceasing to beat, or at least it feels that way. Your mind races with thoughts of why, and how you could have prevented this very scenario. Then, as brisk as the feeling came, it vanishes and the emotion of sorrow becomes an unfathomable rage.

Your rage is like a typhoon, strong and relentless. You begin to query if everything you had been told had been one huge fib. You lose trust, and vow to never let another this close. You push away the thing you once held so precious, so dear to your heart. Something you told yourself you'd never do.

Love is a beautiful taboo. One you often find yourself falling for, despite how you proclaim you'd never be so reckless, so foolish as to fall for it again. It is something you can't help despite how often you feel betrayed by the sole individual who swore they would never intentionally inflict wounds upon you.

It is a mystery that keeps luring us back in time and time again. You accept it, though. Because you know you can never throw away something so meaningful because of miscommunication, or something so silly as immaturity. You accept the other person wholly, as you would be appreciative if they would do the same for you.

You give them your unconditional love and trust because you believe you can get by the struggles. Because you promised them that they had it, and it would be cruel for you to swipe it away over something so mediocre. Love is something that keeps attracting us to the person you know you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with, and I hope I'm not wrong.