I looked at his eyes, smiling at the thought that he is really charming. He looked back at me, bringing his face closer to mine. Before he moved further, I planted a slight kiss on his lips.

"I love you, Aaron." I whispered to the boy who is my classmates and my boyfriend. He smiled and replied, "I love you, too."

I closed my books on the table in front of me and stacked them up. I said, "You're going home now?"

Aaron, who was in the opposite side of the table, answered, "I don't think so. I want to spend more time with you, triple-A-student, Enno."

His words made me blush. I snickered. Then, he looked over my shoulder, to the bed behind me. I looked at the same direction and questioned him, "Um...you feel sleepy after a long hours of studying, Aaron?"

Aaron snorted in laughter. "No. I just…" he stared at me, his eyes telling me something...naughty. Then he paused there.

I stood up and threw myself into the bed, then beckoned at Aaron to join me. He got onto his feet and came to me.

"Who's got such an adorable face?" he said as he sat beside me.

I laid my head on this shoulder. "Guess who?"

Aaron touched the tip of my nose with his finger then it trailed down to my lips. "I love your pink lips." he said, then giggled.

"It's yours."


I pushed myself away from him and tossed my head on the pillow. Aaron copied me, right beside me. We were face to face.

"What time is it now?" he asked me.

I made a glimpse at the clock on the wall and answered, "7.18 pm. Why? You're going home?"

Aaron shook his head. "Well, I think we have a lot of time on our own before your parents are home, don't we?"

I nodded in agreement. "They'll be back at 10 pm."

Silence occured.

"Have you ever tried it?" Aaron asked me, breaking the silence.

"Tried what?"

"Having sex." he said with a grin.

I gulped, then shook my head.

"Wanna try it with me?"

I knew that someday he would ask me about it, but...I tought...this is too quick. I'd only been in a relationship with him two weeks ago, and now he was asking me for...sex.

"Um...I am afraid, I can't..." I replied in hesitation.

"Can we?" his hand touched my hand.

I didn't answer anything.

"Come on. It'll be fun. No worries. Okay?" he shifted himself closer to me and his hand was occasionally touching his lower part.

"But, Aaron..." I haven't finished my words when he suddenly assaulted my lips with a deep kiss. He grabbed me by my hair and deepened his kiss, while my hands moved awkwardly.

He got on top of me, on all fours and pinning my hands beside my head.

"Aaron, I am not ready for it." I said honestly.

"I want it. I am sure you'll like it." he replied.

Before I could say anything, he worked my pants off and threw it off on the floor. I wanted to protest, but he held me with his body. I could feel his hard-on on mine, although he was still wearing his pants. He pulled my hair so that he could see my throat and planted a kiss there.

"Ah..." a moan escaped involuntarily from my throat.

Then he unbuttoned my clothes and his lips trailed down to my nipple. He licked my nipple and sucked it occasionally.

I couldn't stand it. It was an overwhelming pleasure. I was wriggling beneath him, not knowing whether I had to stop him or let him to explore my body.

He said, "It won't be painful. Just relax. Don't provoke me."

I said nothing.

Aaron licked his fingers, moving them to my rear end then he started the rimming.

"Is it nice?" he asked me, looking at me, while his finger slowly made a circle around my entrance.

I didn't reply, trying to get used to the feeling that built up inside. I knew that I wanted it, but...no...I hesitated.

Then, his finger was getting inside me slowly. I held my breath and shifted my legs further apart. He stopped to work off his clothes and pants.

"You'll be fine." he said. "Just relax. Don't provoke me."

He shifted my legs, wrapping his arms around me. And that was the time when he rammed himself into me.

"Aaah!" I cried, shutting my eyes. I circled my legs to his waist and gripped his arms.

"You'll get used to it. Relax. Enjoy every thrust." he commanded.

He began to move. I panted heavily as I felt the pain that washed through my back.

The sound of love making, the creaking of the bed, the heavy breathing, they all filled the room. I let out a moan every time he thrusted into me. I wrapped my arms to his neck and tried not to cry.

He moved faster inside me. Then he rolled onto his back, getting me on top of him. I sat up, moving up..and down...Up and down.

Aaron got up, and he was on top of me again. Wrapping my legs to his waist, I clamped my mouth, trying not to cry any louder.

Aaron moved my hands and stiffled me with his kiss. He kept moving faster and faster. I burst into tears as he moved at a maddening pace.

I wriggled beneath him as I felt the strong feeling building up inside me. The more he thrusted into me, the more intense the feeling I had.

"I...wanna...come." Aaron said between the thrust.

I shut my eyes as I came and let out a loud moan.

Aaron tossed his head backward as he came inside me. Then he pulled himself out and gave me a kiss.

Both of us panted heavily.

"You seemed to enjoy it." Aaron said with a naughty smile.

"I did."