Rest came upon him swiftly, sweetly, softly, mere moments after his head touched the weathered memory foam pillow.

The dreams were instantaneous and strange. Perplexing visions of faces vomiting faces, eyeless humanoids crawling out of the walls, it would've been startling but Dave always found nightmares oddly comforting. Then the oracle appeared, she was frail and aged, standing in a stormy field of golden barley, pointing towards Dave, and prophesying the end of the world. She had been there before, and had often foretold startling truths, but never something of such great significance. A chill ran down his spine and the oracle turns away.

Dave awakes to a headache and a panicked alarm blaring from the television. He didn't fall asleep with the TV on, then everything turned silent, the TV speakers muted and a horrid message flashed across the screen. Remain indoors, do not go near any windows or doors, remain completely silent, turn off all lights and electronics save this television, this message will repeat.

Dave turned off his lights and hid. Outside he heard the crinkle of leaves underfoot.