Auron and Myla Scorch are twins that were disowned by their father, a God. They live in the kingdom of Galite on Aeolius, usually shifting around from place to place begging for food and shelter because of the current government policy on housing homeless kids. Their mother killed herself, saying something about a destroyer inside one the twins. Weapon wise, Auron prefers a Fire sword, and Myla Favors a Chain. Both have a dream about becoming a Sin Seeker, Best of the best Warriors who seek and destroy any type of Sin before they can convert a civilian to be just like them. The role model for these two, is the first ever Sin Seeker, Titus, who led the people of Aeolius when all hope of ever finding safety was at an all time low. But enough descriptions

"Hey Myla!" Auron called out. "Stop messing around with the Bones and get over here."

Myla stood up and walked over to Auron, who was crouching near the end of an alley looking at a building.

"There it is," Auron told Myla, "The best Sin Seeker Academy on Aeolius. All we have to do is pass the insanely difficult entry exam, and we're in."

Myla giggled as a response of agreement, and Auron got up to walk over to the Academy when he saw a girl walking down the street. He stopped and stared at her, spacing out and daydreaming about this girl that he hadn't met. Black hair with a gold-ish headband, a Gold-ish yellow right eye with an eyepatch covering the other eye, a gold and black outfit, two earrings, one Gold and one purple, and a cute little wand looking object with a purple gem in it. Auron came back to the real world when Myla walked in front of him and crossed her arms.

"What?" Auron asked, "It's not like you with every guy that has a hairstyle you like. I can tell that girl is unique."

Myla shook her head and pulled Auron towards the Academy doors. Once they got through the doors, Myla's eyes lit up and she lost her sense of direction. She was so fascinated with the inside that she forgot why they were there.

"Aeolius to Myla." Auron said, snapping Myla out of her trance.

Myla looked at Auron really confused and looked around again.

"We're here for the entry test, remember?" Auron asked Myla.

Myla nodded and started to walk around and look at people, and it was weirding them out.

"Please excuse my Sister," Auron told some of the people, "We're looking for the headmaster's office."

"It's down that hall." A man with pink hair and a book told Auron, "Now please, do yourself a favor and let me read this book before I have to hurt you."

Auron and Myla headed down the hall that the Pink haired guy pointed out and walked into the headmaster's office.

"Can I help you?" A man with a strange accent said, looking up at Auron and Myla.

"Is there an entry test for this Academy?" Auron asked.

"Yes, there is." The headmaster said, standing up,and gesturing them over to another room.

"Why are there two separate doors?" Auron asked suddenly.

"We want to try a puzzle to see how well each of you work when you're separated from each other." The headmaster informed Auron.

Myla got a scared look on her face and looked behind her as two uniformed men with guns closed and locked the door out.

"Don't worry," The headmaster said, "The test is perfectly harmless."

Auron and Myla were ushered into separate rooms identical to each other, and the doors were locked behind them.

"What do we do here?" Auron asked, "There's literally nothing in here."

The given time for the test had run out, so Myla and Auron were brought out of the rooms and up to the headmaster.

"Well, that was very... Insightful," The headmaster commented, "Auron, although you're ability to generate fire is friggin dope, that and you have an anger issue, you will not get in. Myla, you were close to getting in, but not quite there yet. You may try again later, as in in a couple of weeks, but that concludes today."

Auron and Myla walked out of the Academy, hopes and dreams crushed of ever becoming Sin Seekers. They were almost out of sight from the Academy when some girl cried out for help.

"Help!" She yelled, "He took my bag! Someone stop him!"

"I'll be right back." Auron told Myla, signaling her to stay where she was.

Auron took off after the thief and was gaining pretty quickly, even though he had not been running or any kind of exercise for a couple of years. He jumped at the thief when he was close enough and tackled him to the ground.

"Let go of me, Hobo!" The theif yelled.

"Say that again you filth!" Auron said, pissed off and with a ball of fire in his hand.

"Don't hurt me!" The thief yelled, and dropped the bag in an attempt to run away.

"That was easy..." Auron said, and headed back towards the owner of the bag, who was waiting on the corner of the street and trying to talk to Myla.

Auron handed the bag back to the girl and took a step back.

"Thank you!" The girl said.

"Don't even bother trying to get my sister to talk," Auron said, "It's practically useless."

"Why?" The girl asked.

"She hasn't been the same since the incident." Auron told the girl.

"Incident...?" She asked Auron.

"Our mother killed herself right in front of us," Auron explained, "Hasn't been able to talk since."

"You were trying to get into the Academy, right?" The girl asked.

"How could you tell?" Auron responded.

"Why else would you be here?" She said, "I can actually help you out with that. I'm looking to get in myself and my father already put in a good word about me. Maybe I can call him and try to get him to do the same for you too? It's the least I can do."

"Sure, that'd be nice!" Auron exclaimed.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" The girl said before walking off, "I'm Sam Prower, what are your names?"

"Auron Scorch and Myla Scorch," Auron told Sam, "We're twins."