Glitch was standing in his house as his daughter ran in with a friend.

"Hey Sarah," He said, "How was school today? And who's your friend?"

"His name is Auron!" Sarah said gleefully, "We met today when he asked me to go to his birthday next month!"

"Hey..." Auron said shyly.

"So I'll just guess that today was a good day?" Glitch asked his daughter hopefully.

Sarah nodded her head and ran off with Auron towards the living room.

"That friend of hers reminds me of someone..." Kassie said.

"Let's just leave it be for now." Glitch told her, "But if you could make an extra serving? I have a feeling he'll be around for dinner."

"Of course," Kassie said, "How was work by the way?"

"Pretty good." Glitch told her, "Managed to get by without a workplace accident for once. Everyone had bet on Florence to be the next person to die in the building."

"But Florence is a friendly guy." Kassie said, "Who would want him to die?"

"It's just part of the deadpool we have going on for the month." Glitch reassured her, "Whoever is still alive at the end of the month gets a share of the cash everyone bet."

Glitch peeked into the living room and watched Auron and Sarah play for a bit until it was time for dinner.

"Let's play house!" Sarah exclaimed, "I'll be the mommy, and you be the daddy!"

"Do I have to?" Auron asked while blushing.

Glitch was staring at another picture of his daughter as he remembered that day.

"So that's why his name sounded familiar." He thought as he looked up, "He sure has grown from that shy character he used to be."

"Glitch!" Ghost's voice rang out on the speaker, "In here, now!"

Glitch headed into the room Ghost was in, which had the same setting as last time: pitch black with one light over a desk and a chair.

"Do You like to have it like this?" Glitch asked, "Or are you doing this to piss me off?"

"Which one do you think it is?" Ghost asked with an annoyed tone, "Do You know why I called you in?"

"You finally think I'm the sexiest man here?" Glitch asked.

"Don't You fucking dare." Ghost said, "We both know Fernando is the sexiest man here, and if you think you can change that, I swear on my tastefully racist sombrero, I will end you."

"Racist?" Glitch asked.

"That's what Fernando shouts at me most of the time." Ghost said, "Gods, how I love that man."

"I think you're using that word wrong." Glitch told Ghost.

"I'm using the word perfectly." Ghost scoffed.

"I wash my hands of this." Glitch said.

"Anyways," Ghost said, "I found something that may or may not interest you. I'm hoping it's the ladder."

"What is it?" Glitch asked with a sparkle in his eyes.

"Little Mexican boys." Ghost said then laughed after pausing for a couple seconds.

"You motherfucker." Glitch said.

"Ooooh, your face!" Ghost laughed, "But no, I wouldn't take it that far. Maybe I should edit that part out. It's actually about your discovery with the AI. Bioblood found out something else."

"What?" Glitch asked.

"The project was headed by the governor around the time your family disappeared." Ghost now had a serious face.

"That motherfucker." Glitch said aloud.

"That's actually the second reason I called you in here." Ghost told him, "We found your wife."

"Where!" Glitch exclaimed, standing up.

"Sit the fuck back down." Ghost demanded, then changed his tone, "And maybe I'll tell you."

Glitch sat back down and looked at Ghost in the eyes.

"Hold up," Ghost said, "Narrative mistake. I only have one eye left you filthy bastard."

Glitch looked at Ghost in the EYE.

"Thank You." Ghost said.

"She's dead."

"That was quick." Glitch said, then caught on.

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah." Ghost said, "If she hadn't have already been dead when Bioblood found her, she still would've been dead by the time I told you. It scared the living shit out of him when her body suddenly appeared out of a chute."

"How can you calmly talk about her death like that!" Glitch yelled.

"Calm your tits dude." Ghost said, "He broke her neck anyways."


"What did I just say?" Ghost asked, "We have rules here too. We're not barbarians."

"He found her body on the way to the night club by the way."

"Why didn't he tell me then?" Glitch asked.

"Jesus Christ dude, he could've potentially just killed someone," Ghost said, "He's not your normal mindless brute, he has feeling too ya know. Selfish bastard."

"Sorry, it's just... I'm a little shaken up." Glitch said, "I'm gonna go rest.

"Yeah," Ghost said, "Go and do that, you little bitch."

The next day Glitch was holding a private burial of his wife's body on a hill she used to love.

"You always loved it here." Glitch said, "Where you could see the stars at night. It was your favorite because this was the only place Sin wouldn't attack outside the city walls."

Glitch heard rustling in the grass and was surprised to see Rose walk up.

"Rose?" Glitch asked, "I thought you were dead."

"I could say the same thing." Rose answered, "But no, I was saved by a man named Winslow."

"Why is the name Winslow really popular all of a sudden?" Glitch asked.

"Really?" Rose asked, "Maybe because it's THE Winslow? The one who keeps 'Spawning' in a random place every time he dies?"

"That seems very cliche." Glitch said, "Kinda like that nursery tale about the man who's eternally 25 years old."

"Damn." Rose said, "You had way better nursery tales then I ever did. So how'd your wife die?"

"Most likely killed by the governor." Glitch said.

"Yikes," Rose said, "It's a good thing the only person close to me was my brother."

"I bet you were sad when you lost him." Glitch said.

"Huh, no." Rose chuckled, "I hated his guts, I was even willing to give the Governor my mother-in-law."

"You really hated your family..."

"Yup. Still do."

"Well, I guess I should get going." Glitch said.

"Same." Rose said, "I'll get fired if I don't get back to the dead house soon."

"Why are you working there?" Glitch asked.

"There's always some cash on the bodies. Can't let them hit the floor if they aren't entirely clean." Rose explained.

"You always did have a strange obsession with dead bodies." Glitch muttered as Rose walked off.

Sarah?" Glitch called out, "Time for bed sweetie!"

Glitch turned towards Auron's mom as she thanked him.

"Thank You again for letting him stay over for a couple hours." She told Glitch, "I had to settle something with his sister, so that's why he couldn't be there."

"No problem." Glitch said, "Anytime."

"Auron! Get over here!" Auron's mother yelled then looked at Glitch, "I hate separating the two."

"Are him and his sister twins?" Glitch asked

"Yes," Auron's mother answered, "and it's always a hassle to get them to follow directions... hold on a sec."

Auron's mother walked over to Auron and grabbed him by the arm.

"We need to leave." She told him, "We can't leave your sister unattended in the car."

"I don't want to go!" Auron said in a huff and his arm started to spark a little.

"Auron!" His mother yelled, "Cut that out right now! Remember what happened last time? Do you want your arm frozen again?"

"No mother." Auron crossed his arms as best as he could.

"Good. Now go to the car. Now."

Auron's mother walked back over to Glitch.

"He has a temper issue that gets the best of him sometimes." She told him.

"I can see." Glitch said.

"Imagine how my life is normally with that peek through the looking glass." Auron's mother said, "And Auron is the worst of the two. He never listens. His sister on the other hand, loves to swing from everything."

"Jeez." Glitch said, "Imagine how a sugar rush would look like."

"A lot of death threats." Auron's mother said. "From me, not from them."

"What race are they by the way?" Glitch asked curiously.

"Half God," Auron's mother told him, "Auron had fire powers, and his sister Myla has chains she drags around all the damn time. Worst part is, they save it all for when they're home, they don't do this shit at school."

"Well," Glitch said, "Good luck then."

Auron's mom walked out mumbling curse words to herself as she looked out at her car.

Glitch sat on yet another building ledge, as he does when thinking about things. In his hands he held a photo of Sarah, his daughter, at a virtual Zoo with a large smile on her face. He stood up after a couple moments and let the photo flutter to the ground from his hands. He turned his head upwards and closed his eyes. He Walked off the edge and fell to the ground below.

"Soon...: Glitch thought with one tear separating from his closed eyelids, "We'll be a family again..."