Being too young but not young enough,

too old and yet not a grown up.

Being told to be responsible then treated like a child,

not trusted and yet to trust.

Right now I am young but I fear for my country

I fear for the world.

The United Kingdom has left The EU,

Donald Trump runs for president,

Hillary Clinton runs for president.

Terrorism's sky high,

Tensions are sky high,

Racism is sky high,

Xenophobia is sky high

Sexism is high-lighted to the extent that people believe it's not real any more.

Political correctness is either too much or not enough

TV pollutes the younger generation with force fed 'comedy'

Children growing up too fast,

But growing up too wrong,

Growing up too juvenile,

Growing up not knowing the facts

Because YOUR generation didn't think we could handle it

Growing up learning them by ourselves,

From the always wrong internet, from misinformed friends.

Growing up hating ourselves or hating everyone else,

Or never growing up at all because too many teens die.

Too many people die out of needless acts of violence,

Acts of hatred for being different, for being unique. For not being like them.

But I tell you our differences make us stronger.

And it's time that #OurGeneration, that all the generations knew.