Summer is...


What is summer to me?

Summer is worrying about the next year of school,

Wondering if the work will be too hard.

Summer is Fretting about if you're wearing enough deodorant,

Or if you look too sweaty.

Summer is trying to think of things to do,

In those 6 weeks of uninterrupted peace.

Summer is sleeping late, and waking up later,

Than trying to get your sleep pattern back on track for school.

Summer is long days and short nights,

Barbeques and birthday parties,

Hours in front of the TV,

Watching as many episodes as I can before I fall asleep.

Summer is impromptu meet ups with friends in the park,

Or random trips to the cinema just because.

Starting shows to watch at the same time

Getting Pokémon GO together and catching 'em all.

Summer is bathing in sunlight

And drowning in lemonade,

inhaling on ice lollies,

And feasting on sweets.

Summer is flowers blooming

My hayfever making me sneeze

Summer is cloudless days and starless nights

And rays of sunshine streaming upon me.

What is summer to me?

Summer is friends

Summer is family

Summer is life.

That's what summer is to me.