Summer (Came and Went All Too Soon)

It is done.

The working year is done and as my parents head out to work I can't help but be grateful for this great stretch of time that I haven been awarded.

In just a few years I won't have this.

In just a few years I'll be just like them.

But for now, I life in bed and I sleep.

Just because I can.

For now I am tired, I have worked hard,

and I'm nervous.

I had exams, and I can never quite relax knowing at the end of all this time,

I'll either have passed or failed

and if I fail what then?

What will I do?

I spend my free time worrying

thinking about how I could have done better,

been better

how I'll be better if I pass.

How I'll try harder when I pass.

Summer came and went all too soon

(It's typical for England,

2 weeks of heat waves and then it's raining again,

anything over 25 degrees C is a heat wave,

there's even a carrot shortage it's so dry).

And I don't see my friends often. Not this year.

They all have plans,

holidays to Portugal and

youth groups

where they'll meet people

so when we start our new school

they'll have new friends

(what if they forget about me?)

I never liked change.

In year 6 I didn't even want to go to high school

I despised change that much.

But this,

This is the Summer Of Change.

The summer of growing up.

The summer of 'young adult' instead of 'child'.

The summer of new friends and new schools.

The summer of my sister going to uni

The summer of my brother moving out

The summer of Change.