A/N: For more info on Parasocial relationships you could check out a youtube video called "What MS. MARVEL Can Teach YOU About Relationships!|| Comic Misconseptions|| Nerdsync" by Nerdsync.

Parasocial Relationships

Parasocial relationships are a kind of relationship that from between you and someone you don't actually know.

An actor, a musician, a Youtuber, a character in a book.

Some people may say it's stupid.

Some people may say it is dumb.

Some people may say I don't know them,

But all that matters is that I feel I do.

I know they are good people.

Whether they're real or fake or famous.

I know that they'll do the right thing when it's hard

and the hard thing because it's right.

I know they'll make me laugh when I'm down

or move me beyond tears

I know they're only a click away with our 21st century gear.

I know I can simply open a book

or look them up online

and I know the reason they seem so great

Is because I see them through a 'scope.

And I know they don't even know me

And I know they don't even care

But when I hear some report

or a twitter retort

or a photo of them on Instagram

when they speak on the news

or get lots of views

it brings me closer to them.

I can't help but feel

like my characters real

and so that's why I chose

Sebastian Stan as my Idol 2016.