Stories are my passion, stories driven by characters compelling, passionate, realistic (or pleasingly otherwise!) and flawed. What with the absolute glut of available media in today's world, one would think that we would all find characters worth following. Sadly, that isn't always the case.

My primary interest in media is to see women—all kinds of women—represented as people. People with their own motivations, interests, and personalities. There has never been a time in recorded history devoid of wonderful examples of female characters, and the glut of white male characters in Hollywood today shouldn't make us forget these women or doubt that there will be more of them.

This is an archive of my Livejournal of the same name, where I analyze female characters in literature, TV, and movies. I discuss how they succeed or fail as characters, how they inspire, or how they interest as heroines or villains.

In addition, I showcase some of real-life women we should all know, admire, and remember.

Now, about me. I'm a late-twenties American woman with a laptop and a brain too busy for her own good. At any given point I'm thinking deep thoughts about (probably) shallow things. But such is life, right? It's taken a long time for me to embrace my nerdy passions and start following them. In practical terms, I am an ESL kindergarten teacher, living presently in China. Long-term ambitions include having my novels published and getting a PhD in history.

Welcome to this journey! I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my thoughts!