Hi, this is my first story, so I thought I would drag something from the archives of my note books. This is a very old plot, so let's get going! Now you may not understand some of this, it's a little strange and a little rambling, so sorry, let's go!

Why am I writing this? God knows, I just am. After the things I've seen and the things I've done, why not?

I just hate the lies and the pain, the scars and the mask I have to put up every morning, just so I can go out of the house. My friends can never know the truth. And it's driving us apart.

I mean, I'll never date a guy ever, never let a boy get too close because he might see my pain. All of it, locked up inside. I often see couples kiss in the street and wish I wasn't so broken and so alone.

What I dread most is the phone call I know is coming.

And it came.

"Miya, good morning," the voce was cold and empty.

"Hi there, Mr Star," Mr Star is in charge of the Raven Woods program. The program that ripped apart my life, "what do you want?"

Silence was all my ears were met with.

"Okay then," I reply, "5..4..3..2.."

"We need your help."

I froze. I spat out the most filthy word. I only swear when I am really pissed off. Like, enraged pissed off, but..

"I know you hate it, but it's to do with what happened in Glen Shee. It's..." He was hesitating. That's bad in my business.

"Tell me, is he dead?," he must have heard the anger and the fear in my voice.

"A coma, Miya. We... don't know if he will make it.

"I couldn't move my body, it wouldn't obey me, and it took me a moment to realise why I was completely terrified.

"Look after him, it's all I ask."

And then I went to die.