Many times we feel isolated.
A part of the family but not related.
We feel unworthy
God can't call me because I'm too young
God can't see me because I'm too small

See you don't understand that God's specialty
Is taking someone who doesn't feel special and making them royalty.
God turns the poor into a cinderalla story
And causes the underdog to have certain victory

Gideon the smallest man from the smallest tribe was called to be a warrior
Deborah a woman with a humble song would be superior

David with a child's hand would cut a giants head with great pride
Esther with a face of beauty and a true heart would prevent a genocide.

The three sons of Israel would not bow and in turn would not feel immolation
Fishermen would stand up against men with higher education

The next time you feel like you don't deserve grace
Remember he sent His only Son to take your place
He cares that much to honor you
When he calls you what will you do?

Don't spend your whole life getting ready for what you can do already.
Have you considered the young man Timothy
Who needed no education, no training, no degree.

We like to rest in the comfort of the blessing
But choose to ignore the loud voice of the calling

God is knocking while we are mocking
He is calling while we are falling
He is loving while we are hating
He is forgiving while we hold grudges

We don't need to cut ourselves when he took the beating
Intense pain hurt and heavy bleeding.
The love of the cross is a bridge to the heart
His love and forgiveness is a brand new start

So when you fail God will raise you
When you feel worthless God will praise you
When you feel small God will stand behind you
When you feel ugly God will cherish you

Be transformed
Don't Conform

God is with you.