Act 1

"Don't you think this is unnecessary sexualization?"

Rhea's voice was chilly and her expression unamused as she had to stand in the middle of the room wearing nothing but her underwear. Atum, who suffered from the same treatment, stood next to her with an unyielding grin; stripping them from their clothes didn't affect his cheerfulness. Rhea sometimes wondered if his brother ever knew the word 'dignity.'

"Nope," Narek answer leisurely while flashing a charming smile at her. The incubus sat in an armchair in front of them comfortably leaning back in his seat and unabashedly surveyed the twins' bodies with a satisfied look on his face and a hungry, downright possessive glint in his eyes. "Turn around," he instructed with a twirl of his finger while his smile widened. He openly enjoyed the situation and Rhea's hands itched to strangle the bastard for that. It didn't help the situation that Atum happily and with great enthusiasm obeyed the command and spun around to face the door behind them.

Rhea folded her arms and didn't move. "I still don't know why we are doing this," she huffed with an annoyed grimace.

"Because to get inside the mansion you need proper attire," explained Narek with a silky tone. He got up from his armchair and walked to the left-side wall which was stacked with male clothes from ceiling to floor in an orderly manner.

The room they were currently in was his spacious walk-in closet. Well, one of the many.

"We can do it your way, which means carnage and destruction," he continued as he went through one section of the formal attires and selected a black suit, "or we can do it my way which is subtler and far more sophisticated." He turned back towards them with the chosen clothes, a few accessories in his hands and a smirk on his face. He beckoned Atum to himself and handed them to him. "Put them on."

With that done Narek stepped to Rhea and arched one of his eyebrows questioningly. The woman rolled her eyes but complied. The cubus hummed a little as he studied her figure then went to the right-side wall which was full with woman's clothing.

"Why do you have this many clothes, anyway?" Rhea's tone was still biting as she watched Narek sort through his fashion collection.

"I'm prepared for any occasion."

Calm and arrogant as ever, the cubus picked an elegant but low-cut, backless dress and offered it to her. For a minute or two none of them moved as their wills wrestled against each other. In the end Rhea grumpily took the dress. Narek nodded approvingly and turned around to check on Atum… and had to forcefully stop himself from burying his face in his hand. "No, Atum, that's not how you wear it."

He should have known better than to trust the idiotic twin to know how to wear elegant clothing. He was more a redeye than a human after all, and as such he lacked any sense of fashion. Narek was now confident that the Executor was dressed by his soulmate, too.

The shirt on Atum wasn't tucked in his trousers, the vest's buttons were miss-matched and the collar was crooked. The ornamented belt, the neckcloth and other accessories were deemed unimportant and left on the floor. And the Sanguis himself was blinking at him blankly and innocently, not understanding the rebuke.

Narek sighed and helped him dress properly. It proved to be a more difficult task than he expected as Atum fidgeted nonstop, constantly trying to take advantage of the closeness they shared. He was all hands, lips and lust – he was interested more in the cubus himself than in dressing up.

What started as annoying and tiresome soon turned into an exciting game. Narek savored Atum's desire and appreciated his clumsy but zealous attempts to seduce him. As an incubus he had experience of how to dodge these kind of 'attacks.' He feigned nonchalance as he calmly continued adjusting the other's suit while their hips brushed together, his fingers grazed bare skin and his hands stroked over fine muscles clad in a thin layer of cloth – all that accidental, of course. Narek enjoyed the Sanguis' reaction; how he leant against his touch and longed for more, how he craned for a kiss, and how his pupils dilated and his breathing became ragged. He teased the half-redeye mercilessly, however before it could turn into something else, something requiring less clothes and not more dressing, Narek stepped back with a pleased smile.

"There. It's perfect," he purred as he smoothed out the last wrinkle on the Sanguis' shirt, taking delight in the desperate need in the other's eyes. "See Rhea," he turned around to look at the woman, "you could take an example from your bro–"

The words died away on Narek's lips as he came face to face with a fully and neatly dressed Rhea who looked at him challengingly with one raised eyebrow.

"Are you boys done?"