Act 2B

Narek leant against the ballroom's wall and observed the whirling and dizzying mass of people on the dancefloor. Heavy skirts adorned by precious metals were swirling around, pearls and jewels were glimmering on the corsets and ornamented gowns swam in the air at the rhythm of the music. The lights of the crystal-chandeliers were glittering reflections on the mirror-smooth surface of the marble floor and the colorful glasses of the seemingly endless row of windows. Soft, silken melodies floated in the air; chatting, laughing and glasses clinking composed the ever fading and rising background noise.

Unlike usual Narek did not care about who watched him and with what intent; he focused all of his attention on one man at the far end of the room.

Atum stood in the circle of numerous ladies. The Sanguis had refused dancing as he didn't know the steps which had gained a round of merry laughter among the women. From then on more and more girls joined their little group and Atum, with his boyish face, constant beaming and honest answers, won all their hearts. And he didn't even realize it! The Sanguis was oblivious to the flirting and subtle seductions; he simply enjoyed the company of his new friends. He was naturally warm and friendly and his innocent charm resulted in older women doting over him and young girls stupidly giggling behind them.

Narek watched the scene with a darkening expression. Atum seemed ignorant of his admirers' true intentions but the cubus could sense everything. He saw the fake blushing, the hungry eyes that roamed over the Sanguis' body, and he understood every implication hidden in those words muttered over laced fans. He could practically taste the fascination and desire emanating from the women. They were like she-vultures, stalking their prey, this young and naive stranger who seemed such an easy catch, such an interesting toy to try out.

Narek had to gather every ounce of his willpower not to strode there and make it clear to everybody that Atum was his, and his alone. Since the society in this world did not tolerate a relationship between those of the same sex the cubus was forced to remain still. He could only watch from a distance while raging jealousy filled up his insides. However, when one daring girl stepped closer and possessively caressed Atum's arm the cubus snapped. He pushed himself away from the wall and stalked through the crowd elegantly and unnoticeably like a predator.

"Excuse me, ladies," he announced himself with the most ravishing smile he could muster as he stepped inside the admirer's circle. He needed all his self-control not to snarl the words. "I need to have a word with my friend here. Don't worry, I won't deprive you from his company for long," he lied flawlessly. His polite demeanor almost cracked when the women tried to object and fluttered their eyelashes at Atum but he simply grabbed the baffled Sanguis and dragged him out with an apologetic, unwavering smile.

Atum obediently followed him out the ballroom's door, through corridors and other halls. Narek led them further and further away in the mansion but no matter how far they went his frustration didn't lessen. Atum was looking at him with his wide puppy-eyes and it drove the cubus crazy. That insufferable idiot couldn't even comprehend why Narek pulled him away from his 'new friends.' He didn't understand the cubus' anger and reprobation; he was hopelessly confused by them and started to grew dispirited by his only knowledge that he did something wrong even if he didn't know what it was.

Narek couldn't take it anymore. When they arrived to a hallway which was deserted and far enough from the party that the music was barely audible, he pushed Atum against the wall. He trapped him between the cold surface and his body and latched onto his lips. He couldn't help himself, he needed to taste Atum's passion, to eat from his ever-present fervor. The kiss was rough and intense, almost violent, and Narek's every move was aimed to make the other a senseless, incoherent mess. When he finally broke off Atum's legs were giving out under him and his clouded eyes remained fixated on the cubus' mouth. The demon inside Narek finally purred from joy. This was the state the Sanguis should have been, should have always been in, and nobody else could have him like this!