Threads of Imagination:

Shae's father dies in a mysterious hunting accident when he is eight years old. Left alone in the foster care system, he learns to cut himself off from his feelings and distance himself from the pain of abuse he suffers. Gabriel is the only one he opens up to, a boy who has spent his whole life inside the system. Together the two of them learn what it is to love again. But Shae keeps a deep secret locked away in his heart, he is gifted in a way that no one could ever understand. He has the ability to bring the things from his imagination to life.

Kendall has everything that Shae craves, a mother, a little brother who he adores, and a best friend who is close enough to be his brother. He's captain of the school swim team, relatively popular, and talented at almost everything he does. However, things aren't as perfect as they seem in Kendall's life. He too has a gift like Shae. He can see the 'threads' of humanity, allowing him to see facts of a person's life (or death).

When a strange twist of fate reunites these estranged twins their lives get turned upside down and monsters from their past return putting everything they love in danger. Kendall and Shae must relearn what it means to be brothers in just a short amount of time. But with Shae's date of death shifting rapidly closer, will their efforts to reconnect be enough to save him?

Warnings: past child abuse, kidnapping, brief mentions of self harm