The next morning when Rina and Syriel went to continue on their journey, Kaileon joined them. He explained that for the past couple of years he had been tracking down and killing demons that attacked human populations. He figured that he could protect and train the two travellers on their journey. The only thing he asked in return was for Syriel to tell him about Ashi's life if he had anymore dreams. Apparently the two of them never saw each other after that incident.

So, the three of them traveled along the roadside, making sure to skip Miracle. The dirt roads were smooth and flat from many travellers going their own way along them. "Where to next?" Syriel asked.

Rina thought for a second, "Well, I was planning on spending a while at Miracle and ask around for the best directions."

"Where exactly are you two going?" Kaileon asked. He followed behind the two.

Rina shrugged, "Nowhere in particular. I just wanted to be able to see the world." Then they arrived at a fork in the road. There was a wooden sign there with arrows pointing either way. On the arrows was written a name of a larger town or city. Rina read each name carefully, "...Greenwood, Amarie…hey, how about going towards Amarie?" She turned to the boys smiling. "I hear that they have a school of forbidden magics there."

"And why are we interested in forbidden magic?" Syriel asked. Food, architecture, art, those were the things he thought would attract his friend Rina, but forbidden magic? They had no reason to want to seek that out.

"They might have some answers for why you have those dreams. And well, Amarie is also attached to the river we found you in." She was looking straight at Syriel. He could tell she was trying to watch his expression. He was nervous about figuring out who Syriel Rayurol actually was.

"Okay, then let's go that way." He pushed his uneasiness away. Part of the reason they were allowed to leave their village was because it could help him recover his lost memories. So the group headed down the left route, the road to Amarie. It, like the last road, was very smooth. It was cutting through a massive open plain. Only a few trees and plants grew, most of it was just grassy fields.

Around midday, they stopped to eat and rest. It was a simple meal of bread and water. They were going to buy more supplies in Miracle, but obviously their plans were changed. After the meal, Kaileon stood up. "How about we do some sword training?"

Syriel stood up, brushing the grass off of himself. "Sure, I should really work on that."

Rina stayed seated. "If it is okay with you, I think I will pack up here and figure out supplies. I'm not really a sword person anyways." After saying that she began to gather their things together.

"Fine, Syriel let's move out of her way and begin." They walked away from her and the path. Kaileon then motioned for Syriel to attack. So, he grabbed his sword and lunged at Kaileon, who blocked it easily. Then, he jumped back and swung his sword again, this time a bit lower. Again, Kaileon blocked it easily. Syriel ran toward the standing target and lunged forward like he was going to stick. As Kaileon began to move his blade to block it, Syriel slide past him and swung from the back, causing the vampire to actually move this time. Kaileon twisted his body just in time to block again. The dance continued like this for a while. Syriel would try to attack and Kaileon would try to block. Most of the time Kaileon was able to stop Syriel's sword, but there was a couple of times that he would have been able to strike the vampire had they not been just training.

Rina watched from a safe distance. Once the boys were done, she gave each of them a canteen of water. "Good job, Syriel. I didn't know that you could move like that." She patted him on the back and smiled brightly.

"Yes, that was far better than our real fight." Kaileon said as he took the canteen.

Syriel looked at both of them, "I had a lot on my mind the first time I fought Kaileon. This time I just focused on the training."

"It was good swordsmanship. With some more training you could really be a master of the blade." With that said, Kaileon took a sip of the water. And the group began their journey again.

The following two days were the same. They would travel along the road, stop to eat, and train. Kaileon kept watch for them, since he didn't need any sleep. It was very routine during this time. There were no attacks, no demons, no dreams. It was peaceful.

On the third day since the training began, the group arrived at a village. Since this was a smaller village, it was obvious it wasn't Amarie yet. They found their way to a goods store and sold what they had left from Rina's home village of Sernia.

The shopkeeper yawned as he accepted the goods and gave them their money, which was probably more that the goods were worth. Rina didn't argue though, she needed the money and it was the shop owner's choice to pay them more. Then, the group left the store.

The village was a normal little place. Wooden building were lined up along the roadside and you could see the end of the village easily from anywhere within it. The people there walked slowly, yawning. They dragged themselves around. The group went to a larger building with two stories. It's sign said, The Sleepy Inn.

Once inside they were greeting with a yawn and a "Hello, how may I help you?" The innkeeper was a tired old man. He sat at the front counter with his head laid onto it.

"We would like a room here please," Rina said walking up to the man. She pulled out some of their coin and set it in front of him.

The old man didn't move. "Sure, their are some keys under the counter. Just grab one." Rina did so with a questioning look. Then she thanked the man and began to head upstairs to their room.

Syriel didn't follow her though, he sat down next to the old man at the counter. "Sir, why does everyone here seem to be so tired?" It had been bothering him since they entered town. It was the middle of the day, so the people here shouldn't be acting like it was hours past dark.

"Well youngling," the old man said, "something moved into the river out there. It screams and calls all night long. There ain't nobody that can sleep with that things a screaming." Syriel looked at Rina, who sighed at him in anticipation.

"Maybe we can figure out how to deal with it." Syriel told the old man as he got up from the counter and headed towards their room. The old man just nodded at him sleepily as they went up the stairs.

"Any ideas as to what this thing is that you promised to try and figure out?" Rina asked. Syriel knew she wasn't made. Rina wanted to help just as much as he did, she just didn't like that he offered and now the old man would be expecting them to succeed.

"No, not at all", he shrugged.

"It's probably a banshee-like demon that has settled into the water," Kaileon said as he stared out the window of their room. "I would suggest that you guys get to sleep early if you want to go find that thing tonight." Rina and Syriel nodded and after an early dinner they went to bed.

There was a young, blonde man hiding in the forest. He couldn't have been more than 14 years old. He was holding his breath and looking around frantically. This young man was Ashi, or now he was going by Ashike, his whole first name. Where is it, damn it? He thought to himself while looking for a dagger in the leaves nearby.

Then his heart jumped. Behind him came the sound of leaves crunching underneath one's foot. He buried himself deeper into a hole at the base of a tree trunk. Once within its darkness, he froze to become completely still.

The sound was close enough that Ashike knew that the demon was near, looking for him. He cursed himself for travelling into the forest alone. Then, the unexpected happened.

There was the sound of metal clashing and screaming. The head of a demon rolled in front of Ashike, its black tongue hanging out of its large jaw.

There were two people that looked the same. They were sitting in a well furnished room. The room had colors of royal purples and dark blues everywhere.

Ashike crawled out of his tree and stood to find what had happened to the demon that was chasing him.

He scanned the forest nearby curious, but he didn't see anything. He was about to just leave, when he saw movement in the distance.

The two people were the same. Both with chin-length blue hair and golden eyes. Their bodies were like exactly reflections of each other. One of them was studying at a table, while the other was staring blankly out the window. "You know you have to study too, right Fengari?", the studying one said.

Quickly he ran behind a tree and looked out at it. There was a young man rising from the ground. His long hair was white and wild, and his clothes were tattered. He looked disgustedly at his hands which were soaked in red blood, the same red blood that flowed gently out of the corner of his mouth.

"Yeah, I know, Ilios", the other one began to look at the book before him."But it doesn't matter. You are the older one."

Ashike gasped at the sight, causing the man to look toward him. He quickly moved further behind the tree, but he kept his eyes on the strange man. His red eyes looked around frantically looking for Ashike. They were familiar to Ashi for some reason.

"And father likes you more", Fengari told his brother. Ilios just sighed at him and closed his book.

Then, the man ran off.

Syriel was awoken by Kaileon shaking him. He sat up, holding his aching head in his hand. He stared at Rina sitting awake in her bed and Kaileon at the edge of his bed with him still in Kaileon's hand. He was confused, they looked worried and didn't take their eyes off of him.

He groaned as he moved to push Kaileon's hands off of him. "Are you okay Sy?", Rina asked softly.

He nodded, "Yeah, what happened?" He still felt groggy and confused from waking up.

"You tell us," Kaileon said, now standing a bit further from the bed.

Syriel thought back to his dream, or dreams. "There was Ashi, or I guess his name is Ashike. He was hiding from a demon when he was saved by…" His head was throbbing as he recalled what had happened. "... it was a vampire I think. But there was also two twins, I think, in a room. They were studying. But then the vampire ran away."

"It's okay Syriel, you don't have to tell us." Rina said. By now she was in Syriel's bed and was comforting him. "Sounds like this time you had more than one of these dreams. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just give me a second." Syriel laid back down. The pain from two of the dreams was worse than anytime before. Suddenly the idea of stopping by a place of forbidden magic didn't seem so bad. He sighed. Why did he have these dreams? Was Ashi trying to tell him something? What about the twins, Ilios and Fengari?

Kaileon broke the silence. "It is starting to get dark, should we just leave him here?"

"No, no," Ashi said sitting back up. "I am fine. I said we would go look, so I am going with you guys."

"You sure?" Rina asked, still concerned.

"Yeah, it will get my mind off of things". And with that the three travellers went to find a demon.