Hey guys and girls, Moonlight Tigress here.

I will be doing an origins story called 'Back To Our Beginning' with my favorite characters in the world :) but first I wanted to explain a little about where they came from, and how far my characters have actually come to be the diverse, amazing ones you read and enjoy.

When I first made these characters, I was about 12-13. And, shocking as it might be, that was almost 20 years ago now. But... 20 years ago, they were so much different.

When I first made them, they were morphers, and there were eight of them. Like the Animorphs books, if anyone used to read. Jade was actually Jess, and she was the leader. I originally had her in a romance with a person named Jake (ha, another Animorphs reference) but then he turned bad, and I brought a person called Nick in (I was a weird kid, don't ask lol).

So there were originally four couples, and believe it or not Rtaia and Ithiell were a couple. I originally had Kira and Genge, which were Rtaias little brother and Ithiell's little sister. But I removed them because I felt there were just too many characters. I also made Rtaia kind of like how Amanda is... very crazy and uptight, and protective of her brother. I feel the way she is now works so much better, and makes her more relate-able as an alien. She, as well as Ithiell, originally acted too... human... when they first landed on earth. Now, the way they are, and how I've made them, I feel like they turned out better than how I originally had them.

Robert... be ready... Robert was actually a big ole' sweetheart, and Amanda's love interest. I think his transformation was the most dramatic though. He originally had brown hair and eyes, and was just a love sick puppy. But I wanted to try and put some real kind of tension in the group, and Robert I thought was too... bland. He had no real texture. So I changed how he looked, his origins, and how he acted with the others. I think at the end of the day, he turned out better than expected. He's a dark and intense character, who can also show some real affection and care for others when he wants to.

Amanda didn't change too much, I know she looked like a blond bimbo when I first wrote her.. she still had her brothers, but she had her mum too. Another feature I know is harsh, but having her mum pass away kind of made her more realistic to me. She's known loss, so when she freaks out and all, its more because she doesn't want anyone else hurt or killed.

Jade changed too, like alot. As I said before, Jade used to be Jess, and the leader. She was a dark kind of brooding character, and I made her alot like Jake from the Animorphs (I was a little obsessed when I was younger-give me a break! lol). So she took on a kind of characteristic like she's young but she's seen too much. But... after a couple of years I decided she needed to change. For one thing, I loved the name Jade, and another... well, I wanted her to be a lot like me. a tomboy, klutz kind of girl that I think anyone like me could relate to. So, she became the lighter, ditzier, Jade.

And... I gave the leader title to Ithiell. Why, you ask? Because I've always loved Ithiell as a character. He's always been my favorite creation, and I love him to bits *blushes*. Ithiell himself hasn't changed too much, more his development has. How he came to be, why he was on earth... etc. Ithiell has always been the techy... the engineer of the group, and I found that giving him the role of leader just seemed to fit. The strong, mature minded alien who came to earth and now has to lead people into battle... it just fits better to me.

Chanaibens and Terinans have always been my original creations. Terinans have always been the bad suckers, only I think I made them a little more intelligent than my first creations of them. Chanaibens used to have the morphing technology (yes, I know, bad me) and that's how my original group got their powers. If you don't really understand morphing, then let me know and I'll quickly squiz it in on the next chapter. But pretty much they could only change into animals. And that's how they fought the Terinans that came to earth.

But... as I got older, I wanted them to have their own path, something sort of original that I could build from. And Chanaibens kind of sound like changelings, I made them shape shifters instead. So Chanaibens became 'changelings'. Which I found just worked a whole lot better. Plus, it means that their race is born with the power. Much easier, and much more original, don't you think?

So, in summary, almost 20 years ago I had a group of eight bland, unoriginal kind of characters. I cut them down to five, and did a massive change to their characteristics. Now, each of them has a little piece of me in them :)

Yes, I mean that. If you hadn't guessed, I have put my heart and soul into these five characters, who I love to write and create more stories with. And I'm really happy with how they've grown and developed over all these years. Sure, I torture them sometimes, but at the end of the day they are all a part of me.

Let me know what you think of their origins, and if there are any questions you want to ask about this, please let me know! Also, if I should make this story I want to write just about their beginning, or if I should add in a newish kind of storyline, like go from the past to present (I've done this before, so I know it works!).

Either way, let me know what you guys think. I'll be trying to write out the story soon, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how far these wonderful characters have come :) Let me know!