The Blood Flower That Blossoms In Another World


The Man coughed blood as he fell against the wall. His body spasmed as he sank to the ground. Pained, erratic breaths whistled from his grotesquely swollen neck. Life escaped with each passing second.

"" The Man's words were inconceivable, but his pleading eyes told it all.

"Can't speak?" asked The Boy, squatting down in front of him. "That's okay, just listen."

The Boy's eyes stared hard into the man's. "Thank you," he smiled.

"I was naive, my hope blinded me. Each day I thought 'I will be rescued if I stay alive', or 'some miracle will happen'," tears flowed down The Boy's smiling face, "Because of my hope I held on..."

The Boy's smile flickered, "But you changed that."

The Man started convulsing. Bloody foam poured from his mouth. It was unclear whether The Man could understand The Boy, yet he continued.

"You reminded me..." The Boy wiped his eyes. "That hope is a delusion in this fucked up place."

Tears flooded down The Man's hideous face. Bug-eyed, he tried to rise, but The Boy's bare foot forced him down. The Man writhed feebly under the soot-blackened sole. The Boy watched with interest.

"Y'know, I thought it would be more difficult to kill."

He stood up straight and wiped his face, his smile returned.

"But here I am, a murderer. Just like you."

With one last gurgle The Man's life ended, and with it any last stems of naivety.

The Boy exhaled deeply, he felt oddly refreshed. All his mangled thoughts untangled and flowed like a river.

The Boy left him, along with his past, to rot.

That morning should have been like any other. Another day at school, another downpour of rain, another noisy classroom.

A dark spiky-haired boy opened the classroom door and casually walked inside. His brown eyes scanned the familiar room filled with familiar people.

"Good morning, Taku-chi!" An energetic voice called out followed by an equally energetic face of a small statured girl with shoulder length blond hair and a pink ribbon. The small girl spread her arms wide as she ran towards the boy, whom quickly sidestepped as she leapt for his chest.

"Owiee!" the blond exclaimed, sliding magnificently along the ground. Her painful posture slid her thigh length skirt up her waist and white underwear with cat print came into view.

"I'm happy to see you're as hyper as ever, Luna," the spiky-haired boy, Takuto Chihana, said in disinterest, averting his gaze. His childhood friend's panty shot was an unwelcome spectacle.

"Are you okay, Luna-chan?" A low-pitched voice called as loud footsteps approached the fallen girl. Takuto turned towards the low-pitched voice's owner. She was Luna's best friend Tanya Kujou.

Tanya towered at least two metres. Her broad limbs strained the custom made school uniform that still looked as if it could rip any moment. Tanya crouched down next to her friend and offered her large hand.

"Thanks, Tank-chan," Luna winced as she accepted the hand and stood up before turning to Takuto with puffed cheeks. "What's the big idea, Taku-chi? Is my morning hug not good enough for you?"

Takuto scratched his head in annoyance as he looked down at Luna. "If I took that tackle, at that speed, without any chest to cushion the impact, then I -" Before Takuto could finish he felt a cold gaze emanate from Luna. In his annoyance he let slip a taboo.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" Luna pounced towards Takuto, blood lust in her eyes. Takuto instinctively stepped back as the cute kitten turned into a tiger. Luckily, Tanya caught hold of Luna and restrained her in mid-air. The ferocious animal that used to be their friend struggled against her restraints. "LET ME GO, TANK-CHAN! TAKU-CHI DESERVES DEATH VIA A MILLION SCRATCHES!"

What a horrifying way to go. Takuto thought, taking another step back.

"Enough, Luna-chan," Tanya, whilst containing her strength, squeezed a pressure point in Luna's neck. Luna fell into a light slumber.

"Thanks, Tank-san," Takuto sighed in relief and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, "I thought I was going to die that time."

"You need to be more mindful of a girl's feelings, Chihana-san," Tanya chastised as she bridal-carried Luna to her seat.

"I'll try," Takuto laughed softly as he walked to his seat, carefully pulling out his chair so as to not wake his sleeping neighbour.

"Good morning, Takuto-kun," said a model-styled student with long brown hair, blue eyes and an angelic smile that drew the eyes of man and woman alike. She was a woman blessed with beauty, kindness, and intelligence. She held the three positions of class representative, Kendo club captain, and the student council secretary. The refined beauty, Tsukasa Kensei.

"Good morning, Tsukasa-san," Takuto greeted with a slight blush. Ah, I get to greet Tsukasa-san. Today's going to be a good day. Takuto thought as his gaze remained on the perfect girl. I could stare at her for all eternity. Tsukasa's voice pushed Takuto out of his stupor.

"Sorry to ask this of you first thing in the morning, but do you have any way of waking Ongaku-kun up?" She pointed to the sleeping student. "I still need his survey from last week."

"Leave it to me!" Takuto shouted as he stood to attention, his nerves forced his body to stiffen.

"Then please do," Tsukasa smiled with a light giggle.

Upon Tsukasa's direction, Takuto beared down on his sleeping friend, who had his face planted on his desk, drool escaping from his lips.

Jeez, Naiku, don't cause trouble for Tsukasa-san. Though I'm glad you gave me this chance to shine in front of her. Takuto softly removed the headphones from Naiku's ears. The sound of escaping music was so loud that Takuto could have sung along.

Takuto placed his lips next to Naiku's exposed ear and whispered the magic words.

"Rock music is dead."

Naiku's body convulsed before straightening and shouting, "ROCK MUSIC IS NOT DEAD!" The entire class startled at the now awake Naiku Ongaku's outburst. His droopy eyes blinked once, twice, thrice, before his face turned scarlet. "TA..KU..TO.." Naiku glared daggers at Takuto, who smiled widely in response.

"Good morning to you too, Naiku," Takuto played off his friend's anger with calm greeting, "Were you up all night writing another song? How dedicated."

"What do you expect!? Music is my life, my blood, my passion, my Achilles heel, my -" Naiku recited in a way that came over premeditated.

"Yeah, yeah, you can continue your musical masturbation after you give Tsukasa-san what she wants," Takuto stated, directing his friend's attention to Tsukasa.

"I still need your survey from last week, Ongaku-kun," She said with a kind smile.

"Oh, right." Naiku searched through his bag's compartments before finally pulling out a completed sheet and handing it over.

"Thanks, Ongaku-kun," Tsukasa smiled, "I think it's good you've got something you can be passionate about, but do remember to take care of yourself as well. It's not good for you to constantly pull all-nighters," She said before her attention was called away from the duo.

"Tsukasa-kun, can you spare me a few minutes? I want to discuss tomorrow's student council meeting," called a teen with calm hazel eyes framed behind a pair of glasses. His appearance and atmosphere were both noble and gentle. He was the yearning of most the female student body and the envy of every male. Student council president, Yuga Oshima.

"Oh, coming, President. Please excuse me, Takuto-kun, Ongaku-kun." Tsukasa said with a curt bow before hurrying to Yuga's side.

Takuto stared at Yuga in silent contempt. Yuga probably did it by pure coincidence rather than ill will, but he DID interrupt a chance for Takuto to talk with the object of his affections.

Unknown to Takuto or anyone else, another set of eyes stared at Yuga. The owner's face distorted in displeasure as Tsukasa reached Yuga's side. The smiles Tsukasa and Yuga exchanged tugged at his anger, but he kept his emotions in check, and after a few moments averted his angry gaze. His unkempt hair was the same colour as Tsukasa's, but his aura stood in stark contrast. His pierced ears and ever-present scowl gave Reigo Kensei the look and reputation of a delinquent. A statement that wasn't far from the truth. He had indeed been involved in many fights with students from other schools and had been suspended a couple of times as consequence.

Reigo turned his frustration to the back of Takuto's head and clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Damn pussy," he muttered, and turned his gaze outside the window.

"I'll never outdo Yuga," Takuto drooped his shoulders in defeat. The hurdle of his rival was too great.

"Well, for your untrained ears that may sound true." Naiku said with a yawn. Kensei-san's voice increases in tone and frequency when she speaks to Takuto. Emotions come through in a variety of ways but for Naiku's perfect hearing, the voice was the simplest method to discern feelings.

"But seriously, Kensei-san showing me that face was unfair. It makes even me want to work harder," Naiku yawned before replanting his face back on his desk. "All right, I'll try fixing my sleeping habits. Starting next week."

Strange how it's always next week, Takuto thought. The image of Naiku sleeping throughout homeroom had long been imprinted, the idea of it changing didn't exist.

Takuto sighed. The everyday life of those within Class 3-B. Regular students worried about regular problems. The bell's chime signalled homeroom's start and the teacher entered. Class 3-B's homeroom teacher was Serena Izumi, an innocent faced twenty-something with tied back black hair and a red suit.

"Stand," Tsukasa ordered. The class followed the direction. "Bow."

"Good morning!" The students greeted.

"Good morning," Serena-sensei answered with a red-lipped smile.

"Sit," Tsukasa directed. The screech of thirty chairs echoed.

"Now class, before I take roll call I have an announcement," Serena-sensei smiled wider.

"Are you pregnant, Sensei?" A male student shouted.

"EH?" Serena-sensei's face turned the shade of her suit. Her arms flailed up, down, left, and right, knocking a bunch of books from her desk. Several members of the class including Takuto and Naiku chuckled to themselves.

"Who's the father?"

"Oh, Serena-sensei, were you just toying with me?" A fake sob emitted from another student.

"No, you're wrong! Sensei hasn't done that even onc-" Serena-sensei bit down on her words too late. Her face reddened further.

Reigo at the back of the classroom, turned his head away in disinterest. Serena-sensei's eyes started welling.

A slam on a desk re-directed the classes focus. Tsukasa pushed back her chair and stood up.

"Knock it off! How can we start homeroom with all this racket? If you want to be babies I can recommend you a good nursery. Or if you prefer, it can be the infirmary." Tsukasa's smile veiled dark intent. "Anyone else got something to say?"

The class looked on in silent fear. It's true that those who are usually kind are scary when angered, Takuto thought as he held his shaking right hand with his left.

"Please go ahead, Sensei," Tsukasa directed before returning to her seat.

"Yes, thank you, Tsuka...Kensei-san..." Serena-sensei said, her awkward smile returned as she placed her books back onto her desk. With still a hint of embarrassment Serena-sensei declared, "The actual announcement is that you all have a new classmate. Please come in."

In walked a teen with long hair that shaded his eyes. His face pointed to the ground and his body released a negative aura that went beyond nervousness.

"Please introduce yourself," Serena-sensei said, noticing the heavy atmosphere.

"Zed Ariyami..." The transfer student stated, his cold voice weighing down the atmosphere further.

"Um- do you have anything you'd like to add?" Serena-sensei again tried to lift the atmosphere, her smile was clearly forced as she threw the gloomy student a lifeline.

"I don't." Zedi ignored the lifeline and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Serena-sensei was forced to give up. This child is going to need a bit more help, she thought. "Uh, well. Then please take your seat, Ariyami-kun. There's an empty space just there."

Zed walked to the back of the classroom. The students watched him in silence.

"What a creepy bastard," Reigo muttered under his breath, though it didn't go unnoticed. Zed gazed at him momentarily through the strands of his hair before continuing to his seat. Zed could have retorted the insult out loud, but why fuel a fire when you can snuff it out?

"Well anyway, let's take roll call -" Serena-sensei said as she opened one of her books.

"Hey, what's wrong, Naiku?" Takuto whispered.

Naiku, who was looking around the room turned to his friend. "Can't you hear it?" Naiku continued glancing around the room. "A voice, it sounded in pain."

"In pain? It's probably someone next door or the class below us."

Naiku shook his head. "I've memorised the voices of everyone in this school. It's no one we know."

"Well there's no point worrying about it. You're probably just sleep deprived."

"Chihana-san, Ongaku-san, care to explain what is so important?" Before either noticed Serena-sensei was standing over them.

"WOAH!" Takuto yelped, his arm knocked down both workbook and stationary. "Please don't surprise me," Takuto pleaded as he knelt down to pick up his fallen belongings.

"Huh, what's this?" On the ground was a bright mote of light, hand-sized and flickering violently. Takuto looked up to the ceiling to see if there was a hole. There wasn't.

"It's connected." A feminine voice echoed.

The mote of light erupted and engulfed the classroom.

The light spread like a virus. The infection tore its way across the floor and began climbing the walls towards the ceiling.

Screams echoed from the light throughout the classroom. The sound of a child's weeping. A woman's scream. A man's tearful pleas.

"What is this?" Takuto shouted.

"These are what I was hearing before!" Naiku shouted back.

Takuto covered his ears to block the voices, but the screams were too loud. They grew shriller and more urgent as the light advanced.

"What's happening?" Luna cried. Her shaking legs gave out and she fell to her knees on the illuminated floor. A tendril of light twisted into a hand and grabbed her ankle. She screamed as the monster dragged her across the floor. "HELP!"

"LUNA!" Takuto broke into a sprint, but the first to reach her was Tanya, who kicked the light hand, dissipating it in one blow. Tanya quickly pulled Luna to her feet and held the trembling girl.

Several more luminous hands rose from the floor, upturning desks and chairs as they lunged at the students. Reigo tore a fire extinguisher from a wall, and with two hands brought it down on the nearest assailant. The extinguisher broke in half over the creature. It writhed and dissolved into light.

Mist escaped from the extinguisher and filled the classroom, masking the light and the unknown within.

Through the thick fog, Tsukasa grabbed Serena-sensei's arm, "We can't keep this up, Sensei. Please guide everyone out!"

Serena-sensei turned with hollow eyes and gazed at her student. "Wake up!" Tsukasa slapped Serena-sensei, "How can the adult be the first one to give up?"

Serena-sensei's eyes refocused on Tsukasa, then firmly nodded. "Everyone please quickly make your way to the exit," she directed. The frightened students made a run for the door when a shocking revelation hit the class.

"I can't reach the handle!" Luna shouted, "The light is blocking my hand!" Panic spread as the light shined brighter. The light wall rose at a steady rate. Where there was light there was anguished voices and hands to grab the unsuspecting.

"Let me try," Tanya said. In three long strides the two-metre girl was at the door. Tanya pulled back and shot her fist at the light wall once, twice, thrice. No visible dent was made. Blood trickled down Tanya's knuckles as she continued punching the wall four, five, six times. It was futile.

"Try the windows!" Serena-sensei shouted.

Naiku ran to the windows, but he too was blocked by light. "It's no use!"

"Move!" Reigo ordered. He lifted a desk over his head and hurled it at the window. The desk shattered against the light wall.

Directionless, the students ran around the class. Fearful sobs turned to screams as despair sunk in.

"We're trapped!"

"Please, oh god, please!"

"Let me outta here!"

Like wood to termites, their sanity was eaten away. Their minds assaulted by screams, their bodies by the light hands.

"Everyone, please calm down! We won't get anywhere if we panic!" Serena-sensei shouted in vain, her voice drowned by screams.

However, even in the madness there were those who kept their calm. One was the transfer student, Zed Ariyami, who sat silently in his seat as if this unusual phenomenon was no concern.

The other was Takuto. He scanned the classroom thoroughly. He looked right. The door is blocked by the light. He turned left. As are the windows. He looked up. But the light hasn't reached the ceiling yet. Which means – Takuto turned his eyes to the top right-hand corner of the room, an area that the light had not reached. The air vent!

Takuto quickly pushed through his rampaging classmates, kicking away a hand that grabbed at him. Once he reached the corner he dragged a desk as a makeshift stepladder.

Takuto climbed up and gripped his fingers between the grills. With all his strength he wrenched the vent free. Freedom. He turned towards the class, hands cupped..

"Everyone, I've found an escape! Follow me!"

The rampaging students stopped and noticed the small hole of escape. Within the bowels of despair was a small ray of hope. The misdirection stopped and they charged as one.

"WA..WAIT!" A voice shouted amongst the crowd as a student fell. Instantly, multiple feet charged over her. The cries of pain was swiftly drowned out by the charging footsteps.

As Takuto was about to reach salvation, a pair of hands gripped his ankles. "MOVE!" A hoarse voice ordered.

"WHA!" Takuto was torn from the vent and hurled at his desperate classmates, knocking them to the ground.

"I'M OUTTA HERE!" The hoarse voice shouted as his head entered the vent. With one last surge, the light wall shot to the ceiling and sliced through his neck.

With the last of his consciousness, Takuto watched his classmate's decapitated body slowly fall, blood cascading from the vent. His classmate's screams didn't enter his ears. The smell of sweat didn't enter his nostrils. The pain he should be feeling throughout his body didn't register. A single thought paralysed his senses.

That could have been me.

The light formed a cube, enclosing the students completely. The brightness reached its peak and over a thousand hands reached out and dragged the students into the light.

The light vanished. The once filled 3-B Classroom was now void of life. It stood, eerily silent.

That day, thirty-one people disappeared. The only memento, a student's severed head found in the air vent. The face painted in fear and despair.

That ordinary, rainy day the gates to hell opened, and Class 3-B passed through her doors.

Author Notes

Well this is my attempt at writing something a little more on the serious side hope it was somewhat enjoyable. Special thanks to my younger brother who helped me edit it so much (no paragraph left untouched) I could almost call him the co-writer.