I could do a raccoon. I mean not actually do a racoon, that would be creepy and bordering on something that deserved to be on one of those addiction shows but like I'm sure I could do a racoon. Gosh how did the word do come to mean, you know, sex (sorry mum I said the sexy word).

What I'm trying to say is that I could draw a racoon. They're easy to draw right; start with the shape of the body, carefully outlining its head then going down the back and then resting on the bum. It'd be easy enough. Dealing with the legs could be pretty hard, I mean where are you meant to put them when you do it? I guess I could just let them dangle around half-suspended in the air or something. The hardest part though would probably be getting it all in there. No one wants to miss out on all those little details, where's the experience if you miss out on the details?

I don't even know what colour a racoon is, here I am rambling on about all my talent in being about to do a racoon and I don't even know the colour. I think they might be browny, reddy, orange. Or are they black? Skunks are black, or maybe they're red. I can barely remember what a racoon looks like now. At least doing the bum of a racoon would be less stinky than that of a skunk.

I can get round the colour anyway, if I do the wrong colour I'll call it abstract and that'll be fine. Here is the skunk I just did, I made him abstract.

Well I guess the only thing now is to get down and do it, I mean you can't do a racoon without doing it. Is there even any racoons in this country? How am I meant to do a racoon if I can't find one? Wait what was I trying to do again? A racoon, that's right.