The black cat padded noiselessly down the street, sidestepping puddles and piles of waste left behind by the coach horses. The moon hung heavy in the sky, full and crimson. It cast an eerie glow over the city, turning the cobblestone road blood red.

The city was quiet. There were no drunks or homeless wandering the streets when the moon was full. Even the densest of men knew better. During full moons, they stayed in. No one knew why, exactly, but there were no questions asked.

It could have been the stories that spooked people. The stories were frightening tales of shadows and monsters that lurked in the dark, and chilling accounts of men that went out and never returned.

Some tales told of people who changed after gazing at the red moon for too long. They were disoriented, strange; they would leave their families to live in dark allies, and took to wandering the streets at night. They would moan and cry and scream, stumbling through the streets like puppets on strings. Families huddled in their houses whenever one of these poor souls wandered onto their street; they buried their heads in their pillows to try and block out the horrible cries of the Forsaken.

The red moon would come, and the unfortunate wanderers would disappear. They never left any bodies or blood behind; they simply vanished.

The black cat stopped in the middle of the road. She sat down, curling her tail around her paws. One of the Forsaken was stumbling across the road before her, mumbling and waving his arms in a crazed manner. The queen's ear twitched. Poor soul. He was done for.

Something stirred against the wall of a building; it was a shadow, dark and shapeless. The cat tilted her head. Slowly, the shadow assumed a vague shape. It morphed into a huge and hulking creature, with a mouth full of sharp black teeth and a pair of fiery red pits for eyes. The Forsaken man stopped, took one look at the massive creature, and screamed. He started to run. The beast let out a drawling hiss, and a dark tentacle shot out to grab him.

The Forsaken man sobbed, screamed, and thrashed in the creature's grip; miraculously, his flailing limbs went right through the monster's black flesh. The demon opened its mouth. Dark red salivation dripped from its jaws, but dissolved as soon as it hit the ground. The spectating cat licked a dainty black paw. So that was why they never left anything behind; the demons covered their tracks well.

The demon tilted its head back, dangling the human over its ravenous maw. The tentacle wrapped around the man's leg loosened just a bit; he fell screaming into the creature's jaws. He died quickly, impaled by the demon's blade-like teeth.

The beast crunched up its meal and swallowed. Not even a single drop of blood was left behind. It turned to sneer at the queen. She met its gaze coolly. The cat was calm, collected—as if seeing a Forsaken being eaten by a monstrous creature of shadows was just a part of an average evening.

Yellow eyes gleaming, the cat stood. With her tail in the air, she turned away and continued her trek down the dank, blood-red street.