Description: Battered

Recipient: Astronaut

Word to Use: Alligator

To the love of my life, my battered astronaut,

It has been nearly two months since we sent you away. What we have lost, the cosmos have gained. I trust that as you glance out of the porthole of the space station you see only us. We miss you dearly and wish your mission the best of luck. I know it's dangerous and that does not lend itself to your nervous nature.

Sometimes I wonder why you pursued this vocation. Why would my love leave on an interstellar journey? Was it to explore the vast unknown? Was it to discover the secrets of the universe? Was it to find a way to bridge the great divide of humanity and stoke the flames of peace? No. It was to escape your deathly fear of alligators.

I know nothing scares you as much as those vile, living fossils. Even living in Minnesota, far from them, has not quenched this fear. Even the thought of sharing a planet with those toothy beasts has proved too much for your fragile frame.

I have prepared a surprise for you upon your arrival. I have prepared the most alligator free environment possible! Now, my love, you can return to your six children and raise them as you should! There is no need to fear for your life any longer! Those wretched dinosaur wannabes cannot touch our lovely family any longer!

Sometimes I look to the stars and consider how lovely you are. Your smile lights up a room more than the stars themselves. I cannot wait until our love, as vast as the galaxy, can thrive again. Return quickly my star-dweller. I love you.

You're out of this world,