Description: Narcissistic

Recipient: Salesman

Word to Use: Rocking Chair

Oh to see you again my conceited salesman,

It is with great passion I admit to you my love. I know that we have known each other for many years and have never seen our passion realized. I believe now is the time for us to be together. As I gaze across our workplace I see only you. Your co-workers accuse you of being narcissistic and self-obsessed, but I cannot believe them.

You are the undisputed, number one rocking chair salesmen in our entire town! How can anyone accuse you of selfishness while this award gleams and glistens on your shelf? I hope that you'll make the long journey to couches soon. I'll be waiting for you to come and tell me all about your exploits. You always seem to be telling wonderful stories about yourself. I think you are great. You think you are great. We seem to have so much in common!

I love you more than you love yourself!